Testimonials for Life Organizer Julie Coraccio

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“Engaging Julie as my declutter/organizing guide and family confidant, allowed me to plan for success and focus on visualizing my Future Home Life.  Less IS More and ONLY awesome stuff in my life!”

Ginger Karney, Marketing Director

Julie has been an inspiring coach to work with. I consider her a friend and confidant. She is open-minded, wise and compassionate and channels that energy into supporting her clients.  She made me feel comfortable and was never judgmental.

She taught me practical skills along with ways to think differently.  Julie was very detailed oriented with assignments and if I had a question in between sessions she always answered.

I started off coaching with Julie to help create my podcast.  Within a few episodes, people were contacting me about my services.   My coaching with Julie has now evolved to my business at large.

Julie goes above and beyond the “traditional” coach role. If she sees something that I should know about or that will benefit me, she sends it. If she can refer me, she will.  I feel like I am her only client and she is always thinking about me and my business.

I trust Julie and respect her opinion and her willingness to view things differently and offer me a fresh perspective.  I am amazed by her commitment to me and I have no doubt this extends to her other clients.

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer, Hoarding & Extreme Clutter   http://www.collectorcare.com

My story with Julie began 4 years ago when I became a fan of her podcast and social media profiles. Her message of clearing away clutter resonated with me. After starting the process of removing my own clutter of junk, bad friendships, and negative thoughts, it became clear how much these things weighed me down energetically. Before long, I felt empowered and started to see improvements in my marriage and life in general. Recently, I learned that Julie offers brainstorming sessions to clients who are feeling stuck in various areas of their life. I contacted her to see if she’d be willing to help me clear stagnant ideas and self-doubt in my writing craft.

She was more than happy to set up a session with me for the next week. During our session, Julie shared a game plan of daily exercises to help inspire my writing. One of those assignments was to create a character vision board to keep near my bed. As a crafty hands-on kind of person, I was excited to get started on this task. Julie’s pre-screening sheet and genuine interest in me as a client allowed her to recognize the kinds of tools I needed to see positive results. Her supportive feedback and guidance throughout the session helped me to move past the blocks I created with my own self-doubt.

My love of writing has been restored and I now have a better appreciation of my own gifts and talents. No matter how complex or deep rooted the issue, Julie’s skills and experience are beneficial to anyone who’s ready to make changes in their life. Julie values her clients and teaches them to embrace their own uniqueness. I see her as a mentor who genuinely cares for people and wants them to see them thrive. Thanks to Julie, I’ve been able to tackle mountains of clutter in all the areas of my life. For that, I’ll always be grateful.

Mary J. Tejeda

Julie, when I pondered how to put my feelings into words about this video, it came to me that this is a Classic. I don’t think anything important or beneficial was left out. It’s of a wholeness, and one feels your human experience in dealing with your own doubts and that therefore, “you speak our language” and do it with compassion and love and the firmness of a leader saying, “Come on, troops, you can do this!” I am going to be watching this classic over and over and sharing it with loved ones and kindred spirits. Thank you and bless you. I feel great affection for you because you have the courage to be self-revealing in order to help others. I think you’re using your gifts–the things you came here to give your world–very well. ♡♡♡

Sue Leigh, YouTube comment on “Destroying Your Doubt”

My core business for the last 6 years has been staffing and recruiting which is a paper driven business. The organizing experience with Julie took over 10 hours with me being actively involved. It was very therapeutic and freeing. I actually feel lighter and able to be more “creative” because all the papers are gone. My desk in now organized with folders of items that I used every day, folders of things that I reach for once a week, drawers of items that I used once a month and so forth. She provided direction and the know-how to get my office straight. 

Julie is professional, firm and creative. She is big on repurposing, so we worked with a lot of existing folders, stands and trays that I already had. 

I highly recommend Julie as a professional organizer. As business owners and managers of our households, it is difficult to be an expert in all areas. Sometimes it is worth paying an expert to help you resolve a problem. This was definitely time and money well spent.

Garla Smith, Raleigh

Julie was a dream to work with! She took my cluttered, unorganized office and worked with me to create a space that is as functional as it is attractive. I went from having the messiest office in my building to having one of the cleanest. People now come to my office when they need a few minutes of calm because it is so organized and peaceful! I love the elements of Feng Shui that Julie included into the organizing process!

Julie was able to develop organizational systems that worked with my challenges of having multiple learning disabilities and ADD. My productivity has increased, I am no longer constantly losing important papers, my focus has increased and I have been able to maintain my office! It is still as clean and organized as was when Julie finished it!

JamiLynn Cole, Raleigh

I wholeheartedly recommend Julie’s services to anyone who needs a little -or a lot, like me- help getting decluttered and organized.  And she’s GREAT at working with kids to teach them same!  I saw one of Julie’s advertisements for talks a few months ago, checked out her website, and signed her up.  She has been rocking my family’s world for the past few weeks and I’ve gone from “eh- I don’t think I can part with that” to telling my husband last night that I now find myself looking at things  in our home and thinking, “I can get RID of that!”  What a difference she has made for us!  She not only gets in there and does the tough job of going through and getting rid (or just plain organizing if that is what’s needed- but that’s not often the case in my house, LOL) of things, but she empowers us to do it, too!  I encourage anyone who needs help in this area to get in touch with Julie!

Tina Hammer, Cary

I used to have ‘clean office’ on my daily to do list.  I would approach the door, look in, turn around and shut the door.  With the fast pace that my business is growing I knew I’d have to finally get it done and cross it off my list.  In the past I’d done it on my own only to end up with piles everywhere and a huge mess again in less than a week.  When I finally decided I needed some help, Julie and I got started emptying out the mess.  She really spent time learning about me and how I learn and see things, and she had some amazing ideas to help me stay on top of my to do list, eliminate the dreaded piles and make my space a wonderful place to be and work and someplace I wouldn’t mind bringing clients to.  I have been able to maintain order for a couple months now with only a weekly sweep needed.  Thanks Julie!

Tracie Merwitzer, Raleigh, NC

Julie puts her heart and soul into absolutely everything she does, which in my business is so totally refreshing! She truly comes from a place of honor, respect and integrity from within. She strives to make the world a better place, to unite and elevate. She has reached so many with her show and monthly series, in addition to all that she does daily. Julie is an asset to all who are looking for someone motivated to take on the world with love! I call her the El Matador, as she doesn’t back down from anything and takes it all head on! Such a beautiful thing to be a part of!

Lisa Brown, Kauai’i

Julie is amazing. I was one of those people drowning in paperwork. It had gotten so bad that I had stacks (and bags and boxes) of paper I hadn’t gone through in years … I was afraid to. Julie made the process so easy. She helped me sort all of my paperwork and eased me through the process of recycling what I didn’t need. And then she created a sorting and filing system that I am still maintaining to this day. I feel like a two ton weight has lifted off of me. Like I said, she’s amazing.

K. Taylor, Los Angeles

Julie is top-notch. I hired Julie to help me organize my office as I was preparing for changes in AssistantAngel in 2011. Julie helped me focus on my office “goals” and the use of each of the items in the office. Julie helps you understand “why” you are keeping information (or getting rid of it). I was very motivated to continue the steps that Julie helped me with. My 2011 has begun with more organization than ever. I highly recommend Julie.

Angel Lebak, New Jersey

I didn’t let anyone see my apartment – that’s how bad it was. Could barely walk room to room … I’d pretty much stopped cleaning. Actually, I’d pretty much given up. Julie came in and 3 days later, the results were impressive. I lost track of the number of bags of donated items she took to Goodwill for me, but I can tell you that when all was said and done not only could I walk around my apartment and find stuff, I actually started to think about what I wanted to do next. If it hadn’t been for her, I think I’d still be sitting in an apartment full of junk that did nothing but depress me. Thanks, Julie – couldn’t have done it without you.

David S., Los Angeles

I have had the pleasure of working with Julie this past year. She operates with integrity, honesty, and a “full steam ahead” attitude in any project that she undertakes. She is understanding and very helpful in all aspects. Julie is very passionate about helping others and is truly an inspiration. I have no doubt in her abilities and I am honored to know such a beautiful soul.

Tameka Kelly, Florida

I can strongly recommend Julie Seibert for help with home/office organization. She comes prepared to assess individual needs and goals, establish a plan of action and assist in the actual process as much as necessary. I found her to be focused, sensitive, compassionate and what I call “lovingly firm” in keeping me on track with what I wanted to achieve. I continue to use the system we designed cooperatively that meets my individual style. Thank you, Julie, for peace of mind and practical solutions!

Sharri Gaines, Raleigh

Julie provided great service as an organizer. She was professional, organized and very patient. Her suggestions were right on, my kitchen has never been so efficient!

Julie provided a consultation prior to the day of work, showed up on time and worked (very diligently!) the whole time and her estimate of how much time the job would take was correct. Following the re-org, Julie followed up on what was working and what didn’t. She provided resources and much more. I very highly recommend her expertise and service.

Sharon Galluzzo, Raleigh

Julie brought strong organization,  logistics and communication skills to our project.   She really kept us together.

Jeff Young, Team 2 Leadership Raleigh 24 team member, Raleigh

I hired Julie to help me organize my chronically disorganized office. I had been avoiding the task for months, fearing that if someone else tried to organize it, I’d never find anything again. (The fact that I already couldn’t find anything seemed to not matter at that moment…). Hiring Julie was the best thing I ever did in that office. We organized files, and did some feng shui, which changed the furniture placement. The feng shui softened and calmed the whole look and feel of the office, which made it more inviting for me and for clients. Thanks Julie!!

Sue Hannibal, Holistic Trauma Therapist, Fayetteville, NC

Julie worked quickly and efficiently on organizing my children’s playroom. I appreciated her asking my permission before starting the process about potential ways to organize the area. She made things easier for me, saving me time and money, by creating a pile of suggested items to toss and donate. She checked in with me throughout the process to make sure I was comfortable with everything. She reused containers I already had, put items for donation in my van and even created a “map” so the kids would know where everything went. The kids now have room to run around and play. I feel like I have a brand new room!

KNS, Wheeling, WV

Julie has been a Godsend in helping me get my home organized. The clutter often gets the best of me, and I have found that I need someone to come in and hold my feet to the fire! With her help, I am able to purge lots of things that no longer have a place in my home or life, and create livable, multipurpose space. I feel ready to face the next phases of my life because there is space in my home (and heart, and head) for it. Recently, she has helped me get ready for the birth of my first child by sorting through tons of baby clothes that were given to me and reclaiming an extra bedroom to be the baby’s room. Just having her there to question me about objects not only makes me confident in my choices, it helps me question what I bring into my home after this, so I make smarter purchases! She is a joy to work with and the results are amazing.

Laura Poole, Durham

I worked with Julie for two years. Organization wasn’t my strong suit, but – from Day One – I could see that it was one of Julie’s. She never started conversations with, “Well, you’ve got a little mess on your desk, want some help?” She seemed to wait for me to say something like, “Ahh, I can’t find X. Can you help me?” We’d shuffle around my desk and assorted ‘dumping areas’ until we found what I needed.

>When she asked me the next time if I wanted some help in organizing, she was probably surprised when I said, ”Yes.” I was comfortable with the process and her style; the result was spectacular and really made me stand upright and proud. Neat and organized, my desk and office finally worked for me. I’m not perfect as a result of Julie, just better. And she’s fun to work with!

Richard Hoff, Los Angeles

Julie presented the March 2011 “Living Green” Lecture at Oglebay Institute (Wheeling, WV) entitled “Spring Into Action: Organizing your home in a green way” to a capacity crowd. Her Eco-Organization presentation appealed to a very broad demographic, and she kept the audience engaged with a number of hands-on and practical demonstrations. Everyone left the lecture with a list of specific actions they could accomplish and the background knowledge to understand why it was of such importance.

Additionally, Julie is very flexible and accommodating. Her professionalism ensured a successful program with ease in scheduling and organizing the logistics of travel, marketing and promotion, and meeting technology needs.

Eriks Janelsins, President of the Oglebay Foundation, Wheeling, WV

Julie is an excellent writer and incredibly organized. I had the profound honor of working along Julie’s side many years ago at Children’s Institute Inc., in Los Angeles. Julie was the grant writer and I managed the corporate relationships. We had the opportunity to collaborate on numerous projects and it was a true joy to work with her. I admire Julie’s moral compass immensely, she is a true champion for any cause she believes in. If Julie still lived in California, we’d hire her to organize our home in a minute. I hope to someday have the chance to work with Julie again; she is extremely trustworthy, dedicated and reliable — a real gem.Wendy Santana, Long Beach, CA

I’ve listened to Julie as a speaker and I’ve seen her in action. She has a knack for simplifying chaos, restructuring and recycling. If you need any thing organized in your home or your office (or garage, cellar, attic, etc.) Julie is the person to consult.>

Phran Gacher, Raleigh