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Are you overwhelmed by clutter?  Do you feel stuck and are ready for a change?  Would you like to feel energized and excited? Do you know something needs to change but not sure what shifts need to happen?

Julie Coraccio offers lifestyle coaching and as a consciousness spiritual coach as well to people from all walks of life who desire to move forward but they aren’t sure where to start.  If you’re ready to take that first step, Julie can support you.

Julie’s lifestyle coaching includes:

  • 90-minute session
  • Homework assignments
  • Limited e-mail support between sessions
  • One appointment or as many as you desire.

What became apparent in Julie Coraccio’s professional organizing work over the years was that it was more important to first clear your clutter before trying to get organized. If you don’t get to the root of what’s going on with your clutter, it’s challenging to clear it and become unstuck. When you become unstuck, you can Reawaken Your Brilliance.

Julie’s lifestyle coaching specializes in supporting you to create the life they choose, deserve and desire. She’s a Certified Life Coach from Lisa Transcendence Brown and received a certification in Expanded Consciousness and Inner to Outer Reality Transformation.  For four years, she worked monthly with a transformational coach as well as taking two monthly classes to clear her own clutter.  Julie is currently going back to basics and working with her first transformational teacher. The more clutter-free she is, the better she is able to serve her clients.

Many people view clutter as just physical stuff. Julie Coraccio believes it goes much deeper than that. Julie uses the metaphor of clutter because it fits with how she sees people get stuck and because clearing clutter allows people to figure out how to move forward. Julie’s definition of clutter is this:  Clutter is anything that prevents you from creating the life you choose, deserve and desire.

For Julie, lifestyle coaching, and a  consciousness spiritual coach, encompasses a wide variety: perhaps you would like to gain more confidence; maybe you have spiritual clutter and would like to discover your passion, or you are just tired and know something in your life needs to change and not sure what that is.

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Julie, when I pondered how to put my feelings into words about this video, it came to me that this is a Classic. I don’t think anything important or beneficial was left out. It’s of a wholeness, and one feels your human experience in dealing with your own doubts and that therefore, “you speak our language” and do it with compassion and love and the firmness of a leader saying, “Come on, troops, you can do this!” I am going to be watching this classic over and over and sharing it with loved ones and kindred spirits. Thank you and bless you. I feel great affection for you because you have the courage to be self-revealing in order to help others. I think you’re using your gifts–the things you came here to give your world–very well. ♡♡♡ ~ Sue Leigh, YouTube comment on “Destroying Your Doubt”

I believe you have all the answers within and it’s simply my job to support you in finding the answers as well as guiding you with action steps to create the life you desire. This work can be challenging and also very rewarding. It’s important to the process that you be ready and willing to do the work. Awareness is half the battle and taking action is the other half.

Don’t be embarrassed! Let Julie Coraccio support you in transforming the negative into the positive. Call Julie at 919.559.3925 to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation! She is available to consult with you via Phone, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. 

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As you clear your external world your internal world clears allowing space for the life you choose to create!

Julie believes YOU have all the answers within and views herself as a supporter of bringing your wisdom that has been buried to the surface. We’ll examine clutter in all of its forms: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. We’ll also examine clutter in your health, relationships, finances and more. Julie Coraccio brings a mindfulness perspective into her coaching, so you may be given homework such as “Say no to one person this week” or explore different mindfulness practices.

Let Julie be your partner and allow YOU to create transformation through clearing and organization. Let’s declutter your life to create the life you choose, deserve, and desire.

Life Coaching

My story with Julie Coraccio began 4 years ago, when I became a fan of her podcast and social media profiles. Her message of clearing away clutter resonated with me. After starting the process of removing my own clutter of junk, bad friendships, and negative thoughts, it became clear how much these things weighed me down energetically. Before long, I felt empowered and started to see improvements in my marriage and life in general.

Recently, I learned that Julie offers brainstorming sessions to clients who are feeling stuck in various areas of their life. I contacted her to see if she’d be willing to help me clear stagnant ideas and self-doubt in my writing craft.

She was more than happy to set up a session with me for the next week. During our session, Julie shared a game plan of daily exercises to help inspire my writing. One of those assignments was to create a character vision board to keep near my bed. As a crafty hands-on kind of person, I was excited to get started on this task. Julie’s pre-screening sheet and genuine interest in me as a client allowed her to recognize the kinds of tools I needed to see positive results. Her supportive feedback and guidance throughout the session helped me to move past the blocks I created with my own self-doubt.

My love of writing has been restored and I now have a better appreciation of my own gifts and talents.

No matter how complex or deep rooted the issue, Julie’s skills and experience are beneficial to anyone who’s ready to make changes in their life.

Julie values her clients and teaches them to embrace their own uniqueness. I see her as a mentor who genuinely cares for people and wants them to see them thrive. Thanks to Julie, I’ve been able to tackle mountains of clutter in all the areas of my life. For that, I’ll always be grateful. ~ Mary J. Tejeda, Writer


Make a list of all the things you have accomplished, both personally and professionally, as well as fears you have overcome and all your awesome characteristics. Ask your friends, family and clients to share what they love about you and add that to the list. When in doubt, refer to your list for a boost to get you motivated and believing in yourself.
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