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 Declutter Your Life

We all have gifts and talents, but clutter, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, relationships, health, or finances, keeps you stuck. Julie Coraccio supports you to Reawaken Your Brilliance through clearing the clutter and life organization to create the life you deserve and desire!

  Gain Peace Of Mind, Increased Joy & Fulfillment
By Learning How To Declutter Your Life.


  • Julie, when I pondered how to put my feelings into words about this video, it came to me that this is a Classic. I don’t think anything important or beneficial was left out. It’s of a wholeness, and one feels your human experience in dealing with your own doubts and that therefore, “you speak our language” and do it with compassion and love and the firmness of a leader saying, “Come on, troops, you can do this!” I am going to be watching this classic over and over and sharing it with loved ones and kindred spirits. Thank you and bless you. I feel great affection for you because you have the courage to be self-revealing in order to help others. I think you’re using your gifts–the things you came here to give your world–very well.

    Sue Leigh YouTube comment on "Destroying Your Doubt"
  • My core business for the last 6 years has been staffing and recruiting which is a paper driven business. The organizing experience with Julie took over 10 hours with me being actively involved. It was very therapeutic and freeing. I actually feel lighter and able to be more “creative” because all the papers are gone. My desk in now organized with folders of items that I used every day, folders of things that I reach for once a week, drawers of items that I used once a month and so forth. She provided direction and the know-how to get my office straight. Julie is professional, firm and creative. She is big on repurposing, so we worked with a lot of existing folders, stands and trays that I already had. I highly recommend Julie as a professional organizer. As business owners and managers of our households, it is difficult to be an expert in all areas. Sometimes it is worth paying an expert to help you resolve a problem. This was definitely time and money well spent.

    Garla Smith Raleigh
  • I used to have ‘clean office’ on my daily to do list. I would approach the door, look in, turn around and shut the door. With the fast pace that my business is growing I knew I’d have to finally get it done and cross it off my list. In the past I’d done it on my own only to end up with piles everywhere and a huge mess again in less than a week. When I finally decided I needed some help, Julie and I got started emptying out the mess. She really spent time learning about me and how I learn and see things, and she had some amazing ideas to help me stay on top of my to do list, eliminate the dreaded piles and make my space a wonderful place to be and work and someplace I wouldn’t mind bringing clients to. I have been able to maintain order for a couple months now with only a weekly sweep needed. Thanks Julie!

    Tracie Merwitzer Raleigh, NC

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