Here are a few of Julie Coraccio’s favorite tools and decluttering resources to get organized, be more mindful and clear clutter!


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Apps to Help You Get Organized


Evernote for all-around use and to simplify your life. The Free version is great and if you are tech-savvy the paid version offers a lot.

BillGuard has two goals: to make sure you completely understand your spending habits and to protect your cards from fraud and unauthorized transactions. This app syncs your bank accounts and then brings up your total balance and the amount you spent this month.

Fudget: This no-frills, list interface is best for folks who have a handle on their finances but want an easy space to keep organized. Good for tracking short-term budgets for the holidays, vacation or for tracking work expenses. Moreover, you might benefit from using the best receipt app in conjunction with this. This popular app gives you all the tools you need to manage your earnings, spending, saving, and budgeting. It syncs up all your accounts, from bank accounts and mutual funds to your 401(k) or IRA.



Pepperplate organizes your recipe collection, plans meals based on your recipes, creates shopping lists, and helps you cook the recipes you want to try.

Timer+ is a simple free timer app that can run multiple countdowns at the same time. That means you can have a timer for your turkey, stuffing, side dishes and pie running simultaneously to keep your cooking on track.

Ziplist is a grocery shopping list organizer, recipe organizer, and meal planner. The focus of the app is on grocery lists and organizing your weekly shopping, but don’t count out its meal planning features.



Relax Melodies, Buddhify, Meditation Timer Pro, Take A Break, and The Mindfulness App.



Google Maps & City Maps2 Go for detailed map information.

WalkJogRun if you are looking for safe routes for exercise;

Flight Track Pro lets’ you find your flight information easily.

Travel List helps you create checklists for your travel.

Pocket first aid and CPR and ICE apps self-explanatory



Vietnam Veterans of America supports Veterans (my husband is one!) and hauls away your stuff. It’s a win win!

Supports local animal charities in the Raleigh area:

We adopted Athena from here:

Cat charity in Raleigh:


Junk Mail

Six great steps:

Another great article:

If you receive a lot from charities:


Pet Charities

Check out your local shelter! Adopt Don’t Shop. Some charities across the country I really like:

My two favorite cats Joey and Antonio



Stylish & hold up to 44 pounds!

Produce, lawn:

Reusable lunch bags:


Green Business


Carbon Offsets







Don’t want to hold onto that thick manual? It s probably here




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