Can you have gratitude when things aren’t going your way?  In your darkest hour can you find the good?    No matter what, can you count your blessings? Learn tips to find the golden nuggets in life and work on decluttering the soul in the process.

The rolling stones said it best. “We can’t always get what we want, but sometimes we find we get what we need….” What do you do when that happens?

Decluttering the Soul: The Golden Nugget

Looking for the golden nugget, no matter what helps me.  I’ve shared before a little bit of my women’s group and the cruelty and meanness of one woman that was the final straw for me to leave.  It was a conscious decision and when I made it, it felt like a weight was lifted.  This was a good sign that it was the right move.  It was painful and I had a wide range of emotions. It’s getting better and this will probably be the last time I bring it up on the podcast because I don’t want to put any more energy into it. I am sharing this because I would like people to know that you can find good stuff in events that are really painful.  One thing that has helped me through this process is finding the golden nugget. Despite all the junk I went through, what are some of the good things?

I am saving money.  That one took no brain effort.

No more Sunday classes. Sunday is a family day for me and even when Tony has to work, it just feels right for me to be with the cats. And of course, FOOTBALL! I sadly had to miss some Steeler games over the past few years.

Let me dig a little deeper.

I had awesome boundaries. I said forget that stuff. I didn’t blame myself.  I didn’t lower my vibe to be cruel like the other women. 

I learned a lot from the experience. I can appreciate all that I learned from my mentor and the other women. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I will be waiting for my next assignment.

And guess what? I let that women’s group go and ended up getting connected with someone local from my alma mater a few weeks ago.  We had a great coffee event and more things planned. The women were similar to me, looking for female friendships. 


How to find the Golden Nugget

Take an event that has happened to you in the past that hurt you, disappointed you, or made you angry.   What is still struck in your craw? Maybe something didn’t turn out has you had hoped, a relationship didn’t work out, someone hurt you.

Write the event down.  Share as much detail as you are able to. Get it all out.

Once you have written the event down, read it.  Start writing down or saying out loud, all of the golden nuggets.  Challenge yourself here.  Act like a detective or an archeologist. What do you need to discover and uncover?  Make it into a fun game.

If this is hard for you (and you might be in a place where it really is) I recommend beginning with a simple gratitude practice. Be grateful for something every single day. Write it down or say it out loud. Life kind of stinks?  Do you have access to clean water? A washing machine? A job?  Health insurance? Someone who loves you? A pet?  Get going with the basics and build from there.

If you have been doing your gratitude and finding nuggets are still a challenge consult with a trusted friend.  Ask them what good they find.  I do not know what I would do with my best bud Kaadi.  Everyone needs a Kaadi in their life.

Keep practicing to build that golden nugget muscles. I believe most of us are on autopilot and our knee jerk reaction is to complain, say why me, stay stuck.  With some awareness, you can shift that.  This is really life changing stuff.

Try and take another awesome step by releasing those what hurt you with love.  Say a little prayer and then let them go. Don’t allow them to take up any more space in your mind or heart.


Remember; do not do the spiritual override.

If you have not resolved your feelings and processed it, honor what you are feeling.   Scream, kick, and shout it out.   When you get to a place where you are more neutral, this exercise might be easier. It can be a process. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.  Still processing all that junk that went down in my women’s group, but I am at a much better place. I talked about it with someone and I wasn’t nearly as upset as I was in the past. woot woot. Progress, not perfection.

How will you know if you have resolved it for the most part (I say this because sometimes things can jump up down the road out of nowhere)? I view it not so much as about the actual event, but more the event represents what you are feeling and it is a gift to show you still have some pain and it is an opportunity to clear it.

You will know if you can talk about it and you really don’t feel much. You are neutral about the subject. Like you are describing paint dry. No big deal. Just an event that happened.

Take actions from today’s declutter your life blog:

  • Practice finding the golden nugget every day.
  • Challenge yourself to find the golden nugget in the most difficult situations.
  • Be grateful for something every day.  Do this especially if you are being challenged in finding the golden nugget.
  • Ask a trusted friend to help you find the golden nugget. Often another’s perspective can help us.
  • Thank the people who hurt you and release them with love.

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