What to Do if Someone Gives You a Wedding Gift You Don’t Want: Learn Tips

What to Do if Someone Gives You a Wedding Gift You Don’t Want!  The happy couple usually registers for what they desire when they get married. However, people do not always pick items from that people choose.  What do you do with those wedding gifts you never opened or never use? Could someone ask where there wedding gift is 20 years later? Have you received something you don’t like at all and feel guilt? Learn tips for releasing wedding gifts you don’t use or enjoy, suggestions when buying wedding gifts for the happy couple as well as alternative ideas for couples on where to register.

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In clearing the clutter inside and out, we are talking about wedding gifts. Do you want wedding gifts that you’ve never taken out of the box? Are you afraid that someone will remember the gift they gave you 20 years ago and ask where it is? Have you changed your taste and a wedding present no longer suits you and your beloved. We continue our month focusing on thinking outside the box when it comes to clearing clutter.

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This might seem odd to people to be included in a month that focuses on thinking outside the box when it comes to clutter. In my work as a professional organizer, I have found that this is an area where people can really get hung up because someone gave them a gift, especially a wedding gift, they struggle to let it go even if they don’t like it won’t ever use it or think it’s the ugliest thing ever created. This episode is not about being tacky and complaining about gifts. But since this podcast focuses on clearing clutter, it’s about keeping gifts that bring you joy that you use and love, gratitude. I’m going to first begin by saying always, always, always have gratitude for what you’re given. I never want that to be lost people took the time to purchase and shop for gift for you. I hear some really sad stories about brides villas and grooms who are completely rude, demanding guests and expecting people to pay an exorbitant amount of money for their gift. The most recent one I heard was a user who’d posted on social media, she and her boyfriend had spent $50 on a gift. They were invited her friend’s wedding, and I have a lot of money, one’s going to school, but they did get them something. The bride after the fact wrote her an email saying you needed to spend $200 I can’t believe you only spent $50 on us, and it costs us $200 for you and your boyfriend to attend the wedding. Now I know that there’s some old school people out there that might say the gift should equal that. But I think that’s completely archaic. So this podcast is not addressing the bride Zilla is out there. This is about again, clearing clutter, but I really want that to be clear. Make sure that you’re keeping a running list of who gifted you what and be sure to write a thank you note, not an email, not a text, a handwritten thank you note. It is not only good etiquette, but shows your All of my thank you notes were written within a day or two of receiving a gift. that’s meant to demonstrate that it was a priority for me to let people know how much we appreciated their gifts. I’ve heard several compliments from people that it meant a lot for me to take the time to write a genuine well thought out thank you card. I am not a fan of that you have up to a year to write your thank you note. That’s ridiculous. Don’t hand it off to an assistant or take a year if it’s important you you will find the time to write the thank you notes ran over. I also emphasize this because when we are in gratitude, we are in a high vibration and can create the life we choose as well as clear our clutter. So to reiterate, have gratitude for all gifts you receive, say thanks out loud to that person as you open their gift. But they’ll know but they’ll know if I let it go.

When I work with clients, I found that many times people have wedding gifts that are They don’t like they’ve never used and they’re just sitting there collecting dust. And one of the biggest reasons they do this is fear. They have the fear that the person is going to remember they’re going to come over and ask, where’s the gift and I have this with people. People are concerned about this, not only with wedding gifts, here’s what I say. Again, always begin with gratitude. If someone would actually call you out on that, and I think that’s very rare. The older we get, trust me, I can tell you what I gave someone 20 years ago, the only gift I do remember from 20 years ago, is I got a friend and her husband, who are now going to get divorce a set of crystal candlesticks holders and before they open it, the husband said, Oh, God, I hope it’s not crystal or something about hating crystal, and then they opened it to find crystal and again 20 years ago, that’s kind of what you gave. I don’t know if people still give crystal anymore. Anyway, I survived that it was no big deal. People change, decorations change, your desires change. It is okay to let go those weddings. gifts, especially ones you haven’t used, they’re still in the box. So what do you do? First of all, you have some options you can give to someone that you know would truly enjoy it. You could give it to charity And hey, if it’s unused, they might be able to sell it for an auction and raise money. A lot of charities have online auctions now. You can try to sell it if it’s worth something. And finally, you can try to gift it. Why would you have something in your house sitting around collecting dust creating clutter for you, because you get attached to the gift. If you’re concerned that it’s a memory, and you had maybe it’s a wonderful friend, or maybe they’ve passed, you can always take a picture of the item. Remember the memories in our head and in our heart, it’s not in the actual gift. I also tell all my clients blame me Feel free to blame the podcast if you get rid of something and someone calls you out on it. I have to tell you, I have yet to have that happen for a client Has it happened it might have it probably will happen to someone somewhere because I never say never to anything but I think that that’s really rare. If that were to happen, your first tactic blame me and then have an honest conversation. Maybe it’s like you know what our decoration our styles have changed. We just were looking for something new but we gave it a good home. And remember your gratitude I so appreciated what you did for me thank you and meant the world to me. Most people are going to be okay with that. There are some people that might be mad with you at you if you do that. I have to say that’s okay. I talk a lot about relationship clutters and other podcasts and it’s really important that you have in your life people who love you and know that your friendship is what’s most important. Not some gift are going to be okay with that. So be brave and take the time to clear out those gifts that you no longer use love or need. I have also gotten to the habit of when I give a gift. I tell someone I picked this for you, I put a lot of thought into it. But if you don’t like it, please we gift it, please donate it. I have let it go. I don’t want you to feel tied to what I’ve given you. And I’d encourage other people to do that as well. gift giving, most likely the happy couple will have registered in one place are a few. I would really suggest that this is the best place to begin. People register for items that they choose. When you go off the range. You might pick something they don’t want, need or even like now I’ve read about revenge wedding gifts, but hopefully this isn’t the case for anyone listening. In this day and age. A lot of times you can shop online and have gifts wrapped and sent. It’s especially nice if you’re traveling for wedding. And if you’re thinking of getting a gift that you think no one else will, there’s a good chance they will have gotten another one.

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She’s craft ish craft day. In a funny meme that I read on Facebook. They detailed gifts people get no one really desires. One was handmade craft items. Full disclosure, I usually make things like handmade soaps, essential oils and soups for clients as guests since I’m supporting them in clearing clutter, it doesn’t sit right with me to purchase something they won’t use. Having said that, we are focusing on wedding gifts today. We only received one craft item. It was apparent that it didn’t take a lot of time. It was nothing like the decor in our home. I share that because of A few months ago I threw it away. I couldn’t read gift it nor could recycle it which is what I would have tried to do. If you’ve listened to my podcast for a while I talk a lot about energy and attention. If I felt the love behind the gift or they had really put a lot of thought and care behind it, we might have felt differently. I have artwork of my nieces and nephew on the fridge because they made it for me they put love into it. So think about the energy and intent. If you’re going to be doing something crafting, I suggest thinking very carefully about crafting an item. If you do, make sure it is something they need or will use have asked for animal match their home. anything done from a place of love will be treasured and appreciated. What goes around comes around. I know this will get me in trouble with Miss manners, but I’m a big fan of her gifting. And I actually did get in trouble here in the south when I talked about re gifting in a presentation I did at a country club. One woman was not amused. She even wrote into the paper that had written about my presentation. We received a religious gift from a friend who knows we aren’t religious. We really gifted it to my brother in law and his wife who are very religious and really appreciated the gift. It’s all good and my book, why would I want to keep something around gathering dust when it brings someone else joy? I cannot imagine a wedding gift that would be really awful. But if you think it is and don’t want to gift give it to charity. There are so many need. If you are concerned about money, you can always give the gift of time to house it, pets it babysit, or the gift of sweat. Helping someone plan a garden or paint a room have an honest conversation saying that money is tight and you would love to give them a gift of time. Most normal people appreciate it. The ones that don’t maybe you need to rethink your friendship and or going to the wedding. For the happy couple. Here are some alternatives to wedding gifts. You can ask for money for a honeymoon or big ticket Like a Hummer landscaping. I know Miss manners is cringing somewhere. I’m not a fan of this personally, but to each his own, and I think it makes a lot of sense for some people. Maybe someone could rent a cool car for you to leave your wedding from. You could ask for an experience such as a hot air balloon ride, enjoy together or cooking class, maybe aren’t your thing and you would love a painting of your pooch or a drawing of your cat. Personalized stationery would also be great for all the thank you notes you’ll be writing. You’re good to go. Why not consider giving back you could give to your favorite charity. Check out just giving calm. Also attempt to stop the clutter before it starts and register for what you really desire. The honey Fund and the honeymoon, our honeymoon registries. Hatch My house is for your house as in building or buying one registry. Simple registry.com zola.com and my registry are cross company registered trees that have a huge range of options. Card Avenue specializes in gift cards. Seven hopes united specializes in marketing stylish, handmade, Fairtrade and eco friendly gifts from around the globe. Your purchases ensure cartesians are paid a living wage for their work. working conditions are safe and no children are exploited. knack registry allows you to register for items, experiences and even services. takeaways from today’s podcast. Always, always have gratitude for what you’re giving. People took the time to shop for and purchase a gift for you. Don’t be the ungrateful couple that people post about on social media. Most likely the happy couple of registered people register for items that they desire. When you go off the range. You might pick something that they don’t want need or even like think outside the box when asking for gifts. Excuse variances aren’t personalized stationery, you’re only limited by your mind. If you have a wedding gift you don’t like, consider donating, re gifting, simply giving to someone else or selling it. Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire

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