Isn’t it time to focus on what matters most? Do you keep telling yourself that you are going to follow your passion and the years continue to slip away without you taking that first step?  Is your mind cluttered with thoughts running around and you can’t see through the junk to know what is important? Would you like to make a plan and focus on what brings you joy and let the insignificant stuff go? 

Welcome 2023!

We have a limited amount of time; wouldn’t you like to focus on what is most important and brings you joy and fulfillment?

Clear Clutter for a Joyful Life
What matters most to you in 2023?

What are your priorities?  Family? Business? Losing weight? Relationships? Concentrate on right now, not future priorities.  Sometimes people get caught up in what they think should be a priority when it actually isn’t.  For example, losing weight is a priority for you.  While it may be important, if you are disorganized and not paying your bills on time and losing money, that may be more important for you to tackle right now. If you can’t pay your mortgage, it won’t matter what you weigh.

I suggest the first step on figuring out what is a priority is does anything need immediate attention, like losing money or if your doctor says if you don’t change your diet you may have serious health consequences. If nothing needs immediate attention, then take the time to figure out. Don’t try and rush just to meet a deadline.

Don’t analyze or censure yourself.  If you come up with something “crazy” honor it–sometimes that’s where we find our heart’s desire.

Try not to think of this as a to do; rather an exploration.  Make it fun! Go within. Take time to really think about this. Walk in nature, meditate, and sit quietly.  Allow yourself time to really hear what your soul is saying. 

Questions to Focus on What Matters Most

Here are a few prompting questions to get you started.

What would you like to create more of in your life?

What behaviors are you ready to let go of?

What gets you excited?

What clutter in your life are you ready to release?

What thrills you or makes your heart skip a beat?

What is most important to you? What do you love to do?

What would you like to be doing a year from now?

What would you want your legacy to be? This isn’t about being famous—how would you like your loved ones to know you.

Awareness is half the battle. Once you are aware you can take action.

Here are some other ways to support you in figuring out what is important to you.  I have done this as an exercise at various times. 

What clutter do you need to release?

Write down times in your life, both personally and professionally, when you were truly happy.   What were you doing? Was anyone with you? Anything else contribute to your happiness? 

Consider examining times when you were proud.  Why were you proud? Who else joined in your pride? What other influences contributed to you feeling proud?

How about the times you were content and fulfilled?  Remember to use both personal and professional examples.  What desire were you fulfilling?  How and why did this experienced give your life meaning? What else contributed to feeling content?

Be open to going outside of your comfort zone. That’s where we find the good stuff. Deathly afraid of speaking, now get paid. Did an international Internet TV show that was live and successful. 

Sometimes we can’t prioritize because we are afraid we will make the wrong decision.    Here are some tips if you struggle with decision-making:

  • Go with your gut response or intuition. It’s there for a reason!
  • Set standards (“I’ll make a decision once I know A, B, and C”). Once you have the information, choose and move forward.
  • Set a deadline to research facts and information to assess your options.
  • Consult a friend whose guidance you value and trust.
  • Brainstorm and come up with several choices. Determine if the options are compatible with your values, interests and abilities.
  • Make a list of the pros and cons. Prioritize which considerations are most important to you.
The Number 1
Things to think about when prioritizing.

Other things to consider when figuring out what it is important.

  • Write down what you have considered priorities.

Look at the first two on your list and ask, “If I could do only one which would I choose?”  Keep asking that and comparing priorities until you are left with three. I suggest doing no more than that. And you might just be able to do one for now. That is ok. There is no right or wrong here.

Once you have come up with your 3, make sure they fit your life. Do you feel good about yourself when you look at this list? How does this feel when you close your eyes? DO you get a pit in your tummy or do you feel really relaxed and good. Do they align with your integrity? Do they fit your current lifestyle? Are they really important? Do they give you great value for your time?

Here are my current priorities;

My current priorities:

  • Spending time with my husband and our cats Antonio, NiNi & Gus;
  • Eating better, exercising and stretching more;
  • Getting my two books published soon.

Once you figure out your priorities, commit to spending time working on them.

Woman seated at desk using her computer for a virtual coaching session.
What will you focus on this year?

Many will tell you that you need to not move on until your priority has been done. I believe that AND I believe being in flow.  Here’s an example. A big priority for me has been working on some books I am going to be releasing. The way my process works is I have an outline, write a really really rough draft, edit edit edit and do some more editing, do a spell check, have someone review and do the final polishing.  While it is a priority, it has taken months and it isn’t something that will be completed in a few days or weeks. That is why I have more than one priority so I have focus and always have something that is important to be working on.

Even if you aren’t writing a book, I am going to suggest take breaks from your priorities.  

What are your priorities this year? How can you focus on them each day?

Take actions from today’s clutter free living blog:

  • Write down anything that needs immediate attention and must be a focus.
  • Write down any other priorities.
  • Commit to three priorities.
  • Block out time each day to spend on your priorities.


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