What is plant medicine? Until I studied with A Year of Gaia, not sure I could answer that! Today I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned about plant medicine.

Do you wonder how plants can support you in creating better health? How can you use plants in everyday rituals? Are you curious about the lives of plants and what they might be saying? Learn about plant medicine.

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Julie Coraccio 0:02
Today on Clear Your Clutter inside now, we’re talking about plant medicine. Do you wonder how plants can support you in creating better health? How can you use plants in everyday rituals? Are you curious about the lives of plants and what they might be saying? Learn about plant medicine as we continue our month focusing on hodgepodge. Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? Unclear your clutter inside now, we’ll teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on, let’s get started. Today’s episode was inspired by my year of plant medicine, I am finishing up coursework. And to get certified, I’m grateful that she’s given us up to a year after we finished the course just with moving in my mom and everything things are pretty hectic, we are moved and one of the things I will be thinking about is we’re gonna put a fence up for some privacy, but I want to start getting some plants done, which will be in spring of 2022. This was the most comprehensive course I’ve ever taken. I learned a ton and I’m at the beginning. So at the beginning, I had hoped to interview my teacher because she’s amazing, but it just didn’t work out. And I will put a link to a year of Gaia in the notes, but it’s from the Gaia School of healing. And her name is Sage Mauer and it’s called a year of Gaia. And it was such an incredible experience for me, I wanted to share a little bit with you. It opened up a whole new world to me. And you know, my belief system, I believe, I don’t know for having multiple lives at once or previous lives or whatever. But I have never knew I had this connection with plants until I started. And it’s just been such an incredible experience for me. And again, I’m really excited to get a fence put up and start planting some teas. We have deer I see deer every day, which I think is great. The cats just kind of watch the deer I don’t think they figured out what to do with that. I am just I’m gonna be making some elderberry cough syrup. This weekend. I’m super excited to do that. I like to use the plants for alternative medicine strengthen stuff like my brain. And I’m gonna go ahead and share this with might be too odd for people. But it’s a true so if you remember might have had Barrington best on the show and they talk with people who’ve gone on to the next adventure and Beth is an animal communicator. Well, I consider myself a plant communicate. I can hear plants talk to me. And that might be nutty. And I and I’m not alone. I don’t think that I have any special gifts. I think people who are really into gardening would probably tell you the same thing who work with plants. I don’t think what I’m saying is that crazy, although for some people it might be and I’m gonna share one little interesting thing. So I had this amazing and I want to plant this when I get settled on hope that it’ll go up here because we’re two different zones. We have these amaranth plants that were phenomenal. They grew to about six feet tall, this brilliant, red and purple and just amazing. And so when I was doing the coursework, you had to do some meditation, and you have a bunch of homework to do every month. And anyway, it was like I’m not kidding. 90 degrees, probably at nine o’clock at night.

When we were an Android, I’m like, Oh, come on. It’s human at nine o’clock, man, it’s just way too hot for this. And I heard the plants say to me suck it up, buttercup. And so I sat down and outside and meditated with amarinth It was really interesting to me. So I felt this connection and a past life and this kind of warrior life. And I felt like these were his amarinth were my protectors right? And they’re my warriors. Now what’s interesting is when we were being harassed, so there was one plant and then after the harassment started there were a ton right in front of our house attorneys amorous plants and then I planted some and I hope they have more they grow in different parts of the house but it’s like we got through the harassment and then I mean there were I’m not exaggerating a ton of plants and then it’s like they disappeared and so I don’t know if any are gonna show up again, but it was just really interesting to been there a couple of years so to the plants cycle, but I felt like they had my back like they were protecting us and I really felt that from from them. So anyway, the course I took in evolved folk and ancestral herbalism, plant spirit medicine, holistic healing, spiritual ecology and our ceremony. I mean, it was really phenomenal. And again, I’d hoped to interview sage or someone else that I was interested in, but just with things going on, it didn’t work out. So I was like, How can I best do this. And I want to be really clear, I’m not entering, offering any advice, I have not studied enough. And if you want a consultation, you want to go find someone like sage who’s been doing this for 20 years. My goal for today is to give you a taste of why you want to explore, maybe you want to take a plant medicine course, maybe you want to start drinking teas doing a ceremony or do a consultation if you’ve got some health opportunities going on. So what I did was I put together some questions, if I were going to interview someone. So again, don’t start any teas without talking to someone, some teas can have contradictions, with meds you’re taking, and I can’t stress this enough. You need to talk with someone do research. And she said, I think she said a beginner is either three to five years of study or five to seven years of study. And my point is you want to hook up with someone who is like sage has a bunch of knowledge, and when doing my coursework, so we had to do plant profiles every month. And so I added a couple things in one was contradictions because I wanted to know what do we need to be careful of with when working with the plant or like for instance, some if you are on blood thinners you wouldn’t want to drink that tea. And I added fun facts just because I thought well what some interesting fun facts that I would like to be aware. So again, this is not offering any advice. This is not offering any suggestion huntys you want to sit down with someone who is way beyond my skill level and beyond a beginner and who who knows their stuff. I mean someone who just breathes it and loves it like sage. The first one is plant medicine. plant medicines are plants whose properties provide medicinal value. Now, sometimes when people are talking about this, they think of a fuchsia I think I use god I’m pronouncing that right which alter your consciousness. I’m not going to be talking about today. Although we did do a module on conscious altering plants. They are out there. You’ve seen people talk about doing ceremonies with this. And one of the things that I appreciated about this was I was like oh, plant medicine and so much I didn’t know I was just blown away. By the information. I just this again, it was I feel like I have a connection from the past. But there was definitely this world. That opened up to me now a good example is elderberry syrup, many of you I mean, you go into CVS, now you can buy elderberry syrup. I think they might have it under some different names or might include other things besides elderberry. But that’s just an example of using the plants and medicinal properties of the elderberries and to cold relief, I want to give you a tip that is really good. So I have the mason jars like she’ll pull one down and show you

so I use a little hard. There we go. We can see it there. So I use these big mason jars. So when I put in and it might be depending on what it is tablespoon of tea, maybe a couple teaspoons depending on the strength and so this is a great way to make your tea get the water super hot. And here’s a tip she taught us you put a knife in the jar so that way if you put in the boiling hot water and our steeping the tea that it doesn’t break the glass jar and she’s really funny. She’s like I’ve broken a lot of glass jars. So that’s your tip. You’re making a big old batch of tea. So what are some plants that can support you? You have probably heard of a lot of these camel meal for anxiety and relaxation akinesia for colds, flus and infections that it’s also something that can be used in wound healing, feverfew for migraines and arthritis. Ginger for easing nausea and motion sickness. I get horrible motion sickness. That is something that I remember once I was very lucky when I was in college, I worked at the Jordan pond house in Maine and I was invited to go on a week long trip on a yacht, which is the only time I’ve ever done that. But it was amazing. Her father owned Swiss airlines or some that was Swedish something over that part of the world. And anyway. I mean, I had my own bedroom on a yacht. How’s it I was very grateful and main were had a natural fiord And so it was an incredible experience but at one time we hit bad weather. But it was going more literally back and forth like that almost tipping over and I was like I have nausea. So anyway, Ginger is great for that. gingko is something you can use for asthma, bronchitis, fatigue and tighten itis tightness. I actually need to check that out because I’ve got that now. golden seal for diarrhea and skin and eye irritations and it can be used as an antiseptic. One of the other things that when we were doing our plant profiles is an anti antiseptic, anti inflammatory. All the properties that they have. It’s really interesting milk this’ll for liver conditions. And many of you have probably heard of St. John’s wort as an anti depressant, Valerian Root for sleeplessness and that can help reduce anxiety. chickweed is good for thyroid and I wish I’d known that 10 years ago, because I would have tried it. So I’m going to do a little show and tell now so if you’re listening the podcast, you might want to go on over to YouTube. So here, so Mulan leaf, the bag came in. So this is something that is good for lungs, my mom when I was younger stuff. So this is a little leaf powder a little hard to tell what I’ll do is see if you can see that. And my uncle. They had a beautiful Mulan plant in the garden like you know, that’s plant medicine and his partner who sadly she died really sad June 29. But I believe that her was there to my mother cross. So mule leaf is something that’s good for lungs. Here’s Oatstraw so you can see that and think of not oatmeal but oats and so this is a really good very thing for just kind of calming and soothing. And it’s one of the things she said she always recommend just for people to feel better and for to feel better in general. But again, I’m not recommending anything. Do not take this as advice. I want to be really clear on that. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but this is why plant medicine can support you it’s like anything you got to pay attention to the contradiction and all that on behalf of elderberries, pull a couple of these out so this is what I’ll be making cough syrup. Very let’s see if I can get a good shot. Yeah, kind of hard. So I can point the camera down. Let’s see how Ah, see there we go. I figured it out. See it’s kind of sorta so anyway, those are elderberries. And I’m going to be making Oops, oh, pick up some elderberries. But anyway that’s something to make like the cough syrup. I’ve made that before and turned out really well. Let’s see oh I want to show you hide discuss at the site but I will tell you this is wow. And you know a lot of times you need sweeteners and cheese. But if you get the real like the plant with everything

it’s just smile. I feel like this is oh I wish you could smell this. Anyway hear the thing see look at those gorgeous hibiscus flowers. And so this is like my favorite tea to make in the summer I discovered I apparently they sell this at Starbucks with a great little independent store here in Wheeling and they have medicine ball, which is hot lemonade, and they put cinnamon and a couple other things. So with all my plant medicine, I’m going to have fun doing that. And this is go to Cola, which is for your brain that’s good for brain health. So those are just a couple I have a bunch of them set up but those are just some of the things that ways that plant medicine can help you and again you want to like you know Kameel tea that you can buy in the store. You no no you’ve been through the process. That’s why I want to show you the hibiscus leaves I know you can buy high viscous tea in the store it with the flowers. Wow. I mean just I just wish you could smell that. So there are different options. Mountain rose herbs is a place that she recommended to us. They’re really great. They’re really wonderful and have a ton of stuff. If you name it, they probably have it. Do you wonder about your chakras? Does the energy around you feel stuck? stagnant or negative? How well are you aware of your intuition and follow its guidance? Have you found yourself taking on other people’s feelings, emotions and Ready to clear energetic clutter and have your space home mind and heart feel good? Got clutter 365 Journal prompt energetic support you and clearing your energy clutter free gift with purchase available at reawaken your brilliance.com Amazon, Google Books and More. So how else can you use plants? This is Dan boy did I expanded it no fresh juice like I wanted to find fresh chickweed I wanted to have chickweed juice and did not get to do that this year. So I’m hopeful I’m going to be able to find someone local. I really want to know about West Virginia plants now that I’m here, make juices you can make bombs to make sales now I’m not as good. I’ve got to work on that. And you know, one of the things she said, you know, tell us like it’s different. Gonna have color if use fresh plant material. But when you’re putting in little crock pot, you kind of have to watch it and stir it and so I have definitely mess up some batches of stuff, but it’s just something I need to do training, making vinegars. I mean vinegars that were really tasty. With plants you can use in cooking like I have lavender, like there’s a lavender, lemon cookie, lavender lemonade. You know, lavender is really great. You can make tinctures, I’ve made some tinctures I don’t have any of my own. Again, this winter. We’ll get started on that because tinctures are expensive. syrup’s I made a lavender syrup that turned out pretty well. You can use in rituals and ceremonies. And so for instance, I’ll show you some of the things that I got, which are part of the some frankincense

dragonfly part of the plant medicine, this is what I would just do us. I’d say probably what what I say is probably like, incense is what I would compare it not, that would be the best thing. So let’s see what else we have here. White Coat ball. And I’ll talk a little bit the end, you want to make sure to try to find something that’s ethically harvested. And also that isn’t about to go extinct. But I’ll share about some things lack frankincense. Anyway, so that was one of the other things MYRIN here. And so there were different plant medicines used in ritual that are kind of cool. And I have a little thing, like around thing reburn him on. The other thing you can use plant medicines for our flower essences, which is what I’m really getting into. And that’s what I really want to I want to get trained, go to Bach and get trained. And that’s something that I really enjoyed making. And what I like about them is they’re safe to use, because when you make the flower essence, you’re getting the essence, but you’re not having any of the plant material there. So it’s just taking the energy out of it, is how I describe it. And so I really like doing those, and it’s about the energy, right, and changing that and shifting that. And so flower essences are something that I am really excited to do. And I’d hope to have everything packed up and discovered if my mom had been my hope to do something like that to help her transition to her next adventure. And so hopefully I will work on that for so someone I love, I can support them in a way but anyway, I felt them I really enjoyed. I want to get better making sales. But the flower essences is one thing that I really connected with. And then you can do very cool things like you start your flower essence on the new moon and add the energy of that. And so there it’s just that was probably my most exciting thing to do. But again, like vinegars, syrups, and and teas and all these ways that you can use it. So it’s not just limited to taking tea. How can plants help you emotionally or spiritually? I talked about the Amaranth where I felt protected. And that obviously helped me emotionally whereas I felt attacked and unsafe in my own home. And yet I had this barrier of plants saying we’ve got your back or protecting you. I mentioned that many of you St. John’s Wort for depression. And so, I think there are definitely different ways you know, each plant has its own its own essence, its own soul, its own way of supporting you to heal and it’s kind of like I’ve talked about before. I think intent is everything. And if you have a special like there’s a plant that you just really relate to that you Feel connection to, I believe, hey, you know, can you support me in this ask why not? I think that that you know, something that you have a powerful connection to, is something that’s really important. And you can also and I’ve learned not to use the term smudging. So I use the term smoking, but talk about when you move into a house, you leave the house smoking, taking, or Tamiya, I think I was Protestant, right, or sage and burning that. And that’s supporting, you know, clearing out the energy of others, and just having your energy within your place. And so that’s something that can help you emotionally or spiritually, they are. So when you drink the tea, you know, you’re drinking that essence. And one of the things that we learn to do is, you know, first of all, is to develop a relationship with the plant, give thanks. Ask what you can give the plant so that it’s this equal exchange of energy, I mean, that completely makes a difference. So you’re like, give, give, give, and take, take take when you develop a relationship? You know, what do you need from me? What do you need is a plant for me? How can I support you, but that during Qi and having tea meditations and talking to the tea, and what wisdom do you have for me, and, and so that maybe, if you’re struggling with something, it’s here with the plant has to say, and again, like all the plants have different properties. And so say, if you’re sad, and looking for something, or if you’re anxious, then a different tea will be able to support you that way. But in addition to the medicinal properties, don’t forget that emotional or spiritual component.

Building a relationship with plants, and I just mentioned that a moment ago. So plants are beings to me, as much as a cat, sorry, you know how to talk about my cats I want to snuggle you with and so this was a new experience, and something that I wasn’t expecting. It’s like, wow, you know, there’s this relationship with plants I can’t hold, you can kind of hold a plan, I guess. But just that there is this, they are beings, you know, as before, like plants. It’s just incredible. And so I think one of the big takeaways that I’d want to share from what I’ve learned is you want to develop a relationship. They are live beings and spirits. So for example, when you’re harvesting, don’t just cut down, right, just don’t take a hacksaw and go through everything. Thank the plant, ask permission. And again, if you’re opening and listening, they’re gonna respond and take what just what you need, don’t take everything. I think, you know, we live in a society Oh, it’s all for me and take it all. Don’t take it all. You want the plant to continue to grow and continue to thrive and just take what you need. And I guess that I would compare because it’s the same thing if you know someone who’s got a green thumb, or has a lot of how house plants and you get you’re like, Wow, are your plants are really thriving. And they’re really great. I’m betting they talked to their plants, I’m betting they have a relationship with their plants, and talk to them, what would they like to share what has been their experience. And so in addition to all the great things, you know, just something simple about having a little tea ritual, every day can make a difference or making a poultice. My nephew Max is like me with poison ivy, and he looks at it and he had some huge allergic reaction. I’ve made him some oat straw, soap and scrub. And I was like, if you get it again, because I wasn’t living here I saw make a poultice to put on your face if you because he just had some allergic reaction. And he’s a poison ivy or allergies or something, but his whole body went crazy. So there are all those things that you can do. And again, it I’m not about throwing the baby out with the bathwater, saying, only use plants or whatever. But plants can definitely be a nice component to whatever care you’re taking or you think chickweed you know, I mentioned about the thyroid, I wish I would have known 10 years ago to see if I could have tried to put chickweed on it and help that or try a poultice every day to see if we could help the thyroid. So build a relationship with plants and see what you learn and see what they’re willing to offer. I also wanted to share with you some books that I like our body into balance on herbal guide to holistic self care by Maria grows and see that because there we go anyway, it’s a gorgeous book. I like how it’s set up and how she does everything. So that’s one that I really like. Don’t forget you can go to Abe’s book which used book seal branding sweet grass, which I’m reading now by Robin wall Kimmerer. Kimmerer is just fantastic. It’s weaving her, her native american with stories and plants and it’s just, it’s just lovely. It’s a good read, I’d recommend that beat up as I’m reading it. This is new combs wildflower guy. So you know, this is, um, hopefully when you using we are going to West Virginia in the cabin at the end of the month. And I’m hopeful to use this as we do some hiking. And then I really love this one the gift of healing herbs, plant medicines and home remedies for bright, vibrantly healthy life by Robin rose Bennett. And it was in this book that I learned. And I’m hoping

to see if maybe we can get a pilot program where I am, but certain plants have been able to help with drug addiction. And in West Virginia, as in other areas, it’s a huge problem. And if I could be any part of supporting people healing in that, I already said to my teacher, hey, if I come up with a plan, can you review it and found some more we could apply for grant? I said, Could you review it to see if everything is good? And she said, Yes, you do that. And I was just really excited. But that’s the kind of things that she goes into a lot of details. It’s really wonderful. And she also talks about the spirits of each plan. And those are four books I would recommend if you’re interested. And then one note I have been sharing is to make sure your plants are ethically harvested. I talked about mountain rose herbs is a great resource to find things. For instance, Palo Santo, has become endangered because it’s been purchased since mainly Americans that are purchasing it, but it’s become endangered. And so over harvested and I have someone getting Palo Santo, gosh over a decade ago. So I have that but I will never buy it. Because of that. A lot of sage and it’s Artemesia believe I’m pronouncing that right, you want to find out? Is it ethically harvested? Is it endangered because some are on the verge of moving in that direction. And as I mentioned earlier, saying smoking instead of smudging. That’s what I was taught to be respectful. So just be aware of what how they’re harvested and that you they aren’t endangered. Because again, you know, some people don’t care and they want it. They’re just gonna take what they want. They don’t care about others. But that’s what hopefully you’ve gotten out of the episode is developing that relationship with the plant. So those are my thoughts. I would also say look in your own backyard. Three months, I think it was into the course we were like go out in your backyard. What are you there so I discovered wild lettuce. I discovered dandelions only because they weren’t in our yard. They are in the empty lot. Next just because you can make I use dandelion greens. And you can make dandelion teas. Dandelion Greens are pretty bitter. But I think that’d be good shot for your digestion there. And so just wondering your backyard around and where you live and see what you can discover. And you know, who knows, maybe you’ll discover like me that you have this relationship with plants. And you know even if it’s something simple like going to the store and trying chamomile tea or something you’re like Oh, see if this can help my reduce my anxiety yet, but there is a lot more for me to learn and explore. And I hope that you will have a little bit of an interest after listening to today’s episode. Take action from today’s podcast. Learn more about plants and plant medicine. Consider where you could use plants instead of traditional medicine. Think about how you could use plants in a ceremony. Work with a qualified plant medicine person. Begin to build relationships with plants. On our next episode, we’re talking about rest and relaxation. Go out Clear Your Clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. Even enjoy Clear Your Clutter inside now. Please rate review and share us

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