Today on the Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out blog, I’m tackling energetic clutter by releasing other peoples energy.

Have you ever met someone and wanted to immediately take a shower?  Did someone speak sweetly, but it felt like daggers being thrown instead? Do you find yourself complaining when in the company of certain people? Let’s clear some energetic clutter with another 10-minute tip to declutter your life!


Do you pay attention to how you feel around other people? Are you aware if you feel uncomfortable in a crowd? Were you in a great mood and see a friend and all of sudden become sad?

Being aware of other people’s energy can support you in releasing unwanted clutter from your life.

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Some Thoughts About Energy

I know that energetic clutter might be a weird concept for people.  The example I like to use is if you have ever walked into a room right after people have fought, you can usually feel the tension in the air.  Or if you have had a really cluttered room and you clear the clutter you can feel the difference.

  • To your physical senses, energy is real and can be perceived.
  • Emotions and physical sensations are energy that can move from one person to another
  • People can throw energy at you; energy can stick to you and be blended with others energy. You can release energy

Learning to Feel Your Own Energy

If you aren’t very familiar with energy, I would start by becoming more aware of your own energy.

People can feel energy in different ways.  I feel energy through the palms of my hands.  I start to feel a swirling situation. I also sometimes feel strong sensations in my body (clairsentience).  Other ways people can feel energy is through seeing (clairvoyance); hearing (clairaudience); smelling (clearscent); touching also known as psychometry or clairtangency; emotions (clairempathy): and tasting. Clairgustance.

I recommend sitting quietly with your eyes closed. Take a deep breath. Place your open palms facing each other. Play around by pushing energy back and forth or wiggling your fingers and play around with the energy.  Ask to feel an emotion like anger or happiness.  Ask to be shown what stuck energy feels like as well as free flowing.  Be open, play and have fun!

I also like to check in with my body. Recently, I have had a lot of low back pain in the coccyx area.  I ask what my body what it is feeling and what it needs to release.

Once you have a sense of your energy and how to check in, you can have a better sense when there is energy in your field that doesn’t belong to you.


Pay attention

Take an inventory of the people in your life. Start beginning to notice how you feel around different people. At work, notice if your stomach clenches when a co-worker comes to your desk. Do you feel tired or overwhelmed all of a sudden?

Is there someone you dread talking on the phone to or skyping with because you know you will feel drained afterwards?

When you hang out with friends, do you feel happy and energized? When one person comes around does the energy seem to shift and change?

When at the grocery store, how do others energy feel? Can you notice anything?

What are your thoughts on energetic clutter? What energetic clutter have you felt in your life? How can you remove?

How-Can-I-Clear-My Home-Space? How Can I-Clear-Energetic-Clutter?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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