In today’s best decluttering podcasts episode, I answer What are examples of spiritual bypassing? I share how to stop spiritual override.

Today’s declutter podcast episode was inspired by a few things. I was studying plant medicine and there was a big brouhaha with someone well-known in that world. This person was really abusive and many people were coming to their defense. 

I’ve also found myself trying to think I needed to be above stuff, especially with a “spiritual” women’s group I belonged to. I wasn’t feeling emotions and I wouldn’t address stuff, like how someone treated me quite frankly. I am working on my time with a mentor and how abusive that was. I couldn’t really see it and stepped away. 


Take actions from today’s podcast answering What are examples of spiritual bypassing?:

  • Recognize no religion or spiritual practice is immune from spiritual bypassing.
  • Understand where you might have been doing the spiritual by passing to not only yourself but others.
  • Gain perspectives of others outside of your practice or group.
  • Be aware where others may be engaging in this behavior with you; others and your community.
  • Create a plan to immediately stop when you find yourself doing the spiritual by passing
  • Call in others who are doing the SB.
  • Accept yourself in every, way, shape & form
  • Commit to doing personal growth
  • Practice self forgiveness
  • Forgive others as you can
  • Have a healthy spiritual or religious practice

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