Wedding Gifts: Clutter or Not?

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Do you have wedding gifts that you have never taken out of the box? Are you afraid that someone will remember the gift they gave you 20 years ago and ask where it is? Have you changed your tastes and a wedding present no longer suits you and your beloved?

Wedding Gifts & Clutter

How Wedding Gifts Can Become Clutter

This might seem odd to people to be included in a month that focuses on thinking outside the box when it comes to clutter. In my work as a PO, I have found that this is an area where people can get hung up. Because someone gave them a gift, especially a wedding gift, they struggle to let it go even if they don’t like it, won’t ever use it or think it is the ugliest thing ever created.


This blog isn’t about being tacky and complaining about gifts. It’s about keeping gifts that bring you joy and that you use and live.


Have Gratitude

I am going to first begin by saying always always always have gratitude for what you are given. I never want that to be lost. People took the time to shop for and purchase a gift for you. I hear some really sad stories about bridezillas and grooms who are completely rude, demanding gifts and expecting people to pay an exorbitant amount of money. This podcast is not about that.


Make sure that you keep a running list of who gifted you what and be sure to write a thank you note. Not an email, not a text, a hand written thank you note. It is not only good etiquette, but shows your appreciation. All of my thank you notes were written within a day or two of receiving a gift. That s meant to demonstrate that it was a priority for me to let people know how much we appreciated their gift. I heard several compliments from people that it meant a lot for me to take the time to write genuine, well thought out thank you cards. I am not a fan of the “you have up to a year to write your thank you note”. That’s ridiculous. Don’t hand it off to an assistant or take a year. If it is important to you, you will find the time to write the thank you notes.


Again, I emphasized this because when we are in gratitude we are in a high vibration and can create the life we choose as well as clear our clutter.


So, to reiterate have gratitude for all gifts you receive. Say thanks aloud to the person that gave you a gift.


Gift Giving

Most likely the happy couple will have registered in one place or a few. I would really suggest this is the best place to begin. People register for items that they choose. When you go off the range, you might pick something that they don’t want, need or even like. Now, I have read about revenge wedding gifting, but hopefully that isn’t the case for anyone listening.


In this day and age, a lot of times you can shop online and have gifts wrapped and sent. That is especially nice if you are traveling for a wedding.


And if you are thinking of getting a gift that you think no one else will, there is a good chance they will have gotten another one. The good news for me is that my husband will never forget our wedding date as it is engraved on several items in our home.


She’s crafty She’s crafty

In the funny meme I read on Facebook they detailed gifts people get and no one really desires. One was homemade craft items. DISCLOSURE: I usually make things like handmade soaps, essential oils and soups for clients as gifts. Since I am supporting them in clearing clutter, it doesn’t sit right with me to purchase something they won’t use.


Having said that, we are focusing on wedding gifts today. We only received one craft item. It was apparent that it didn’t take a lot of time to make, was nothing like the décor in our home and frankly, wasn’t that imaginative. I share this because a few months ago I threw it away. I couldn’t regift it nor could I recycle it, which is what I would have tried to do. If you have listened to my podcast for a while I talk a lot about energy and intent. If I had felt love behind the gift or they had really put a lot of thought and care behind it, we might have felt differently. I have artwork of my nieces and nephew on the fridge because they made it for me. They put love into it.


I suggest thinking very carefully about crafting an item. If you do, make sure it is something they need or will use, have asked for and will match their home. Anything done from a place of love will be treasured and appreciated.


What wedding gifts clutter can you release?


Stay tuned for Part 2 of Wedding Gift Clutter!



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