Would you like to clear clutter by learning ways to break out of routines and create new possibilities?   Are you curious how doing something different can clear your clutter? Do you want to learn fun ways to get out of your routines?

Inspired by class. One of our assignments was to do stuff differently every day for a month.

This is something that is not going to take a lot of time, still working on your overall goal of clearing clutter.

How to Break Out of Your Routines
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How does doing something different help clear your clutter?

I talk a lot about awareness and action.  Many times we are on autopilot and so we aren’t aware of what we are doing, feeling, seeing, believing. One way to become aware and get off of autopilot is by doing things differently.  We tend to create clutter and remain stagnant when we are doing the same old things. We can still do routines, which can support us in clearing clutter, but we can shake them up and still get benefits.

We can clear mental clutter because trying something new changes our perspectives and the way we view things.  When we begin to see things differently we notice things and this opens us up to new possibilities and new opportunities.  RYB show, podcast

We can clear emotional clutter because we can clear out fear. We go for it and get out of our boxes and comfort zone and we see it wasn’t so scary after all.  Public speaking.

We can clear relationship clutter by bringing excitement and joy when we try new things by ourselves or as a couple.


We can clear physical clutter when we try new things for our bodies because that can give us energy and motivate us to let go of things. 

We can clear health clutter by trying new routines and exercise and new foods. When we aren’t challenged we tend to get bored and lose motivation.

We can clear spiritual clutter because the more we do things differently and try new things we open ourselves up and can be open to new opportunities, open to receiving changes and thriving with new experiences. 

Clutter is stuck stagnant energy.  When we don’t try new things we tend to get in and stay put in our comfort zones and become complacent and take the easy way.  We become resistant to change and we equate familiarity with safety.

There are other benefits when you do things in a new way.  Research has found that you can make your brain think time is going slowly by doing new things. Doing new things makes us feel good.  Some say it can help with success.  It also reinvigorates neurotransmitters in our brain and muscles in our body when they are used and put to use.  We tend to feel better when we try new things.

On to the fun stuff!

What can you do differently?

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What would you like to try? Make it fun; make a game out of it.

Take a new route to work or to the grocery store.  Or you could try the train, carpool, Lyft, or bus if you drive.

Strike up a conversation with someone you never would.

Use your non-dominant hand for the day.

Take a course, read a book, listen to a podcast in something you have always wanted to but never made the time to. Or try something that sounds totally not like you.  I would try welding after watching this show forged with fire with my hubs.  If you are in a physical class, sit in a different seat each class.

Have an adventure bite.  That is what I tell my nieces and nephews.  Try new food! Either go out to eat or make it at home. 

What new exercise can you try? Yoga or stretching?  Tai chi?  A kickboxing class?  Something at 5 Am cross fit?

What artistic endeavor could you pursue?  Would you like to paint?  Photography? Write? Dance? Sing?

Volunteer somewhere you have never done before.

Travel somewhere you have always wanted to or explore your backyard.

Learn a new language.

Check out Meetup.

Found this cool website you can check out:


Take Actions from Today’s blog on ways to break out of routines:

  • Try something new or do something differently in any way, shape or form you are willing to go for it!
  • Notice the benefits of doing things differently. What clutter did it help you clear?
  • Schedule time to try new things and do things differently on a regular basis.  Mark it on your calendar.

What can you do differently? How will you do things differently? What can you do differently right now?

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