Instead of another mug or t-shirt, what can you create from your trip? A cookbook with recipes from your favorite dishes or cuisine from the area you visited? Can you create a calendar with pictures from your trip? Or a really cool movie? Macs come with iMovie that’s pretty easy to learn. If not, there is a 10-year-old out there who has created a video on youtube to teach you!

Tips for Vacation Memories


There are lots of companies out there that can create a memory book with pictures and copy. We did one for our honeymoon. It’s on our coffee table and people really enjoy sifting through it.


I had a friend who had a big map in her garage and had pushpins with all the countries she visited. You could also add a photo or two near the country or city,


When I graduated from college, I traveled cross-country. My father gave me stamped postcards to address myself to chronicle my trip. It was a great way to remember. You could also carry a travel journal to record all your thoughts. If you are more techno-savvy and want to give real-time updates, you could do a blog or video blog with video.

You could create a small keepsake box with different items: your itinerary, ticket stubs, etc.


I am also a fan of consumables. Things like soap or bubble bath or pasta remind me of my trip, I get to relive it a bit and they make fun stocking stuffers!


Have fun and get creative!


If you are going to buy souvenirs, ask yourself if the person would really like and then ask yourself again. I am a fan of buying street art because it supports a local artist, is an artistic rendering of the place I am visiting and is something most people will appreciate. I am not a fan of t-shirts (unless someone will wear all the time) or snow globes unless they are collectibles. I have a friend who collects nesting dolls from different countries. Commit to being mindful when purchasing your souvenirs.

Feng Shui & Vacation Memories

If you tend to come back with a bunch of tchotchkes I am going to encourage you to rethink that. In the book Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui Karen Kingston says, “When you collect something, what you are doing is collecting a particular essence of something you feel you need.”


If you are collecting something can you see if there is a deeper message for you? I used to collect angels after a traumatic event because I felt love and protection were missing from my life. I made it a priority to ask for support and be more loving towards myself. Remember to be gentle with yourself. This is a process! And if you truly love collecting something, collect away. If you have many collections I encourage you to see if you can pare down. If everything has value, then nothing does. Also, when we make space in our life we can bring in new opportunities, people and experience.

Takeaways from today’s blog on vacation memories:

  • Consider saving your money and not buying souvenirs for yourself or others. Spend it on experience while you are on a trip;
  • Get creative when giving experiences to others: give a membership, offer to babysit, create a photo album or book of recipes;
  • If you are collecting a lot of something can you figure out what needs you are trying to fill?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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