Do you know how Hygee can help you with decluttering? Why is hygee about feeling and being present?  What little changes can you make to your lifestyle to be more conscious? Learn about Hygge and how it can have a positive impact on clearing clutter in your life.

I don’t prescribe to one lifestyle and wanted to give you options over the next few blogs. What I love about hygee for examples is they are big into candles. I love candles. What I have found is the common thread for all of these is about happiness, doing what brings you joy, what you love…about clearing the clutter to find joy and happiness, what I’m all about.

When I’m giving presentations, I sometimes talk about knowing your lifestyle. For example, if you’re okay with taking a few hours to clean before someone comes over or you want everything ready for people that show up unexpectedly.

I chose not to talk about minimalism because I don’t think that is realistic for most people and most of my listeners and viewers are still in the process of clearing clutter, as am I.  I don’t think I am ever going to be a minimalist. One because of the cat hair but also, I like artwork from places I have travelled.  I have journals. Ton,y my hubs, can repair just about everything and our garage reflects that. 

Clutter is when we aren’t using our stuff, piles of paper, etc. to a minimum.  Cozy is how I would best describe a lot of the photos I see in hygee.  It really doesn’t feel like clutter to me. It might be to some. I had a coach who had tons of crystals and other things and it never felt like clutter. That’s why I wanted to talk about hygee because they talk about the feeling and being present. 


What is Hygee?

Hygee is a Danish word meaning well-being in Norwegian.  It first appeared in Danish writing in the 18th century.

Hygee is a feeling, an experience, a sensation by yourself or with friends.  It can be every day life or a special occasion.

Danes created Hygee because they were trying to survive boredom, cold, darkness to find moments to celebrate or acknowledge to lift their spirits.Some of my favorite mystery writers are from this area and I always wondered if the weather affected their writing.

Hygee is everyday life so it becomes natural instead of another thing to do on the to-do list.

It’s important to be aware and present as well as feel the moment. Some also refer to it as an “art of creating intimacy”. I see a lot of this on the Facebook group I belong to.   There is no English translation. Hygge was never meant to be translated – it was meant to be feltToveMaren Stakkestad

Cozy is the best word I’ve come up with. How would you describe Hygee?

What are some hygee items?


A nook where you can get cozy.

Wrapping yourself in a blanket.

Your favorite chair for reading.



Throw blankets


Oversized sweaters

Thick socks




Mac and cheese

Apple pie

Homemade is big

A walk outside

Hanging out with friends

Not just for winter.  A picnic, a hanging out at the beach, bonfires, dinner party under the stars.

Remember, Hygge is a philosophy; a way of life that has helped Danes understand the importance of simplicity, time to unwind and slowing down the pace of life.

What is NOT Hygee?

These are my ideas, so they may not be technically correct.

Being on your phone

Watching tv, invite friends

Not being present

Fast food


How does it relate to clutter?

Hygge is all about keeping things simple, and having us live a little and say yes to that extra slice of cake.  (My coach once said to me eat the cake if you choose, but be present and savor it. Don’t beat yourself and get caught up in the guilt.)  hygge is about feeling instead of things, so buying lots of stuff is the opposite of hygge. 

Just remember to appreciate the simple things that bring joy to your life. Instead of complaining about the bad weather, light candles and hunker down with a cup of cocoa and a good book or snuggle with the cats. Or if you’re feeling more social, cook up a pot of your famous mac and cheese and invite your friends over for a board game night. Have fun getting hygge with it!

Take actions from today’s clutter free living blog on hygee & decluttering:

  • What part of hygee  speaks to you?  How would you like to incorporate that into every day life?
  • What in your home do you already have to do hygee?
  • How can you be more aware and more present in every day life?
  • What could you do to have routines be an extension of who you are instead of a have to?

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