Turning Being Unproductive into Being Productive

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Being Unproductive Can Be a Good Thing

We aren’t meant to go go go all the time. That causes burnout. For me, even when I am unproductive, I am being productive on a creative level. I am stewing on ideas mainly. Giving my brain and soul a rest to let them do their thing.

There is a difference of being busy and being productive. When you are multi tasking you can make mistakes, not really getting stuff done.

Take Actions:

  • Schedule some time to be unproductive. If you are able to do this spontaneously, great.
  • What do you need to do the most during your unproductive time? Honor that.
  • Find a healthy way to deal with your guilt if you have it
  • How can you be “unproductive” on a regular basis?

Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness and how to organize your life.

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