Being and Becoming: Tips to Keep Becoming Who You’re Meant to Be

Are you always excited and willing to learn and change or do you find yourself comfortable with the status quo? When life doesn’t exactly work out as you hoped are you able to embrace a new dream? Do you find yourself embarrassed or perhaps frustrated at past choices or are you okay with all of your life choices? Learn how to keep from staying stagnant and Tips to Keep Becoming Who You’re Meant to Be.


Staying Stagnant Causes Clutter

Not growing or changing affects your relationships.  If you can’t grow yourself you most likely can’t grow as a couple and have a deeper more enriching relationship.  You can also create physical clutter if not realizing you can let stuff go staying where you are. 

If you don’t learn more about your challenges, you can create spiritual clutter. Stunted emotional growth creates emotional clutter because you may be angry or jealous all the time, and mental clutter because always focused on the same problem or stuck in anxiety or stress. Finally, you can create health if you can’t acknowledge a problem like weight loss and better nutrition.

Where are you stagnant in life?

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