Tips Self Care: How Can I Love Myself?

Tipse self care can be a variety of things. Self-care is so important and I believe a huge part of self-love. If we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves. Many of us didn’t have nurturing or self-care growing up or have it modeled to us. Don’t beat yourself up or be embarrassed. I see a lot of my clients do that. When you know better you do better I believe Maya Angelou said and today tips self care are offered.

If you are new to good self-care, it may be a challenge. Be your own best friend, be patience and loving. See, another way to slip in self-care and self-love. It is never too late to learn how to love yourself and take better care of yourself.

In this video I will share tips for spectacular self care.

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Today on clearing the clutter inside and out, we are talking about good self care. How well do you take care of yourself? Are you the first one to always support someone else and usually the last person to help yourself? Is there anything toxic in your life you’re ready to release? Are you challenged when it comes to paying attention to yourself and tuning into what you need? Let’s continue as we focus on self love and self care this month.

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Self Care is so important and I believe a huge part of self love. If we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves. Many of us didn’t have nurturing or self care growing up or habit modeled to us. So don’t beat yourself up or be embarrassed. I see a lot of my clients do that. When you know better, you do better. I believe my Angelou said, if you’re new to good self care, maybe a challenge. Be kind when you’re talking to yourself, be your own best friend, be patient and be loving. see another way to slip in good self talk. It’s never too late to learn how to love yourself and take better care of yourself. There are many ways to take better care of ourselves. So don’t overwhelm with trying to do it all at once. Take an area that you really think needs it or you’re motivated to do if you’re still unsure. Is there a trusted person you could ask that could give you constructive feedback. One of the greatest gifts. I have are friends that are honest with me in a loving way. Write it down in your calendar, if you have to, if you’ve listened to the podcast, you know, as I’m sitting here shooting this, I have two huge whiteboards in my office, I would be lost without them. So consider making a daily or weekly important for self care. with anything, if you write it down, you’re more likely to do it. So for instance, with my big white erase boards, I brought those up because usually I have a to do list and how I do my to do list is I have all my work work that needs to be done is in the main column. I love legal pads and use those and to the right is anything personal that needs to be done. So for instance, I had to go to the bank this morning, I did ironing last night I write all my chores on the side with this specific breathing exercise. I’m doing a women’s group and we’re doing it’s kind of a reading. It’s an interactive group. And so we have a very specific breathing exercise and my coach said, I want you to do it more often do it four times a week. Now as we get older, we tend to forget things and so I have Write it down. Now I bring up the whiteboards because this was very purposeful, instead of writing it as a to do because if it’s on the list, it can sometimes feel like a chore. I hate ironing. I’m horrible at ironing. I’m working on being better about that and finding the Zen in it. But right now, I’m not there. I was concerned that if I wrote breathing exercise on my to do list that it would start to feel like a chore. If it starts to feel like a chore. It’s not really self care as far as I’m concerned, and you’re kind of defeating the purpose. A couple things I’d like you to think about in your spectacular self care. Be mindful about balance, you’re not going to be able to honor all of these areas all the time in your life. So don’t put more pressure on yourself to achieve that. I’d encourage you to look at your life overall, to see how well you take care of yourself. moderation is also important. If you’re obsessive in one area, other areas may suffer and obsessing in general isn’t really good. balance and moderation are good measures. Remember, life’s fluid and not static. So maybe some weeks you get five or six kickbox exercise sessions in and maybe some weeks you’re doing really well when you can get two or three in. Here’s some areas to look for self improvement care, but don’t make this a final list. There are numerous ways to treat ourselves health dude healthy foods most of the time Are you a junk food junkie? Do you eat mindfully Russia your meals?

Are you strict and very structured with your eating? Are you able to enjoy food one of the reasons I love going to Italy is they love to eat you know they make it over a couple hours. It’s It’s fun, engaging experience and I want to share a story of a friend who is I would call obsessive about eating organic. It is I think when you’re obsessed with anything, it’s not healthy and so people would could say well you know Julie eating organic, the best thing that you can can do well okay, but when it becomes makes your life I can only go to these restaurants I can only have this food when you start impinging your lifestyle on others. I’d say it’s not fun anymore. And I’d like to share a funny story if you haven’t listened to my interview with civil Rhodes civil was from Louisiana and like a second mother to me and we did an interview and I put it on I believe last December so December 2015. And I’ll never forget when I was down in Louisiana visiting her and civil there two people I have in my life civil unfortunately as passed, but civil on my nephew max who’s 10 and I have never met anyone like these two who simply loves being alive and has grabbed life and finds excitement and joy and everything and I’m very fortunate to have had civil and have maximized life. And so we were down I was visiting her Louisiana and I struggle with Diet Coke. That’s I think that’s the stuff I call it like crack. I think it’s evil. And I switched to Dr. Ziva, which was made with stevia. Now this is again, why sometimes, you know, you have to try things out and when I work with clients, we have to sometimes make adjustments. I learned that stevia was making me insulin. It was messing with my insulin, I wasn’t able to lose weight and I thought I’m doing really well and well figured out if I don’t do well with stevia, so quote, stevia is quote quote unquote healthy. So it doesn’t matter what I say, do your research, be informed. And simple said to me at some point, and I’ll bring this up later because it’s a point I want to drive home. He said, Julie, and my funeral, are they going to say she shouldn’t have that Diet Coke. And it just kind of put it in perspective. Like if you want to have a diet coke habit, don’t get so obsessive. And if you’re eating well most of the time, then you’re doing okay. Another area to look at is how is your sleeping the more reading research is how fundamental sleepest everything if you’re not given those seven or eight hours a night, that’s an error you might want to consider I did an episode number 134 back in September, on how to get a good night’s sleep. So you might want to check that out. How about exercising? Do you exercise on a regular basis? If it seems like a chore, find out something that will get you going. Now this is a funny thing I do rowing in the morning. Usually my goal is to do 10,000 meters I’m working up each day I add a little more and hopefully by let’s say fall I’ll be up to 10,000 meters because that’s gonna take me probably an hour to do and my coach did this and she was so funny talking about this, I’m like, I’m gonna try this. So I do fake jump roping, you know, it’s like doo doo doo doo doo doo doo and doing all these fancy moves. Now on days when I’m working with clients and organizing I’m getting physical moving, but on days like today when I’m doing administrative stuff, I’m shooting this podcast I’m in front of the computer. I try to get up and get moving. If I can’t get it you know, a full workout in that day. Then I’ll go and fake Jump Rope for five or 10 minutes it breaks it up. It gets me off the desk and it’s fun isn’t for workout no but at least I’m doing and moving something so remember you know you’re not gonna if you can’t get to this five or six in try for those two to three days or four workout. If you’re at least moving more read spend 15 minutes a half an hour walking that makes a difference. Nature is a category I’m going to share here. I love love to hike. One of the things I absolutely adore. My husband and I hike weekly. We’re fortunate in Raleigh, there’s a big part called homestead and you can access from different areas and that’s part of our routine. I feel it is good for both of us. We’re exercising, we’re having great conversation. We’re connecting. I take Antonio, one of our cats likes to go outside. So every day I’m walking him for an hour. So I am getting out there and being in nature in some shape or form. I know when I feel off balance, I’m going to go hug a tree. There’s something that that helps ground me that helps reset me and I’d encourage you do the benefits and find the benefits and research of being in nature for me, it brings you more joy and peace. It calms me resets me, but I’d encourage you to consider nature as a part of a self care category.

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Mindfulness you knew this was going to happen. Meditate, any mindful practice simply taking the time to be fully in the moment of whatever you’re doing. How many times do you go out to dinner and your have your face and your cell phone checking your email or I was watching something video on Facebook and it was kind of cool. They were showing the lava going to the ocean and creating land that the people were all filming and I’m laughing this guy’s in the back and you see all these people looking through their camera or their phone and they weren’t in the moment enjoying that. Tai Chi something like yoga that engages the physical the mental or really great way to be mindful. I’ve mentioned before mowing grass is a way that is mer is very meditative to me I don’t mind most because they all have your husband in Like, you know what actually like I hate edging and I’m horrible at it. I love to mow the lawn because for whatever reason I can do a brain dump, I can relax. It’s a very mindful way for me and it brings me peace. So I took a survey on Facebook of friends and you know, share ways that you have good self care and someone shared, believing that everything is always working out for you. And I would also add to that, finding the Golden Nugget and what I mean by that if you have something happen to you that isn’t great, where What’s the good, what’s the good that you can find that golden nugget, I had a horrible last job I worked in was horrible, worst job I’ve ever had. And I’ve been working since I was 14. However, I am grateful for them every single day because if they hadn’t have treated me so badly, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to go and start my own business and starting my own business. I could talk for hours about how that’s helped me grow as a woman and help change my life. So that’s my golden nugget from that. Your relationships. This is really important. You know, they talk about we become who we’re hanging Not with so how is your close knit tribe? The people that you’re hanging out with? Are you able to say no when you need to do your inner circle? Does your inner circle support you? Do you have healthy boundaries? Is there given take? Are you doing? what feels right to you? Or what is within integrity? Is there anyone toxic that it might be time to release? I did a few episodes on relationships how to say no if you leave the room or guidance support, check them out. They’re always there. They’re never going away. But that’s an area that I would encourage you to check out. How about your body? Can you pamper yourself and this doesn’t have to mean going to a big fancy spa having someone brush my hair feels heavenly to me. So we used to brush my hair all the time. I love that. I am a huge fan of altitude. They’re always having a sale they’re always having a coupon so if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and they have a wide range if you want something inexpensive, inexpensive, they have that or they have really expensive products. I when I was doing gifts for clients I did a self care package for one of my clients because I’m like, I want you this year to focus on you. You’re always giving So anyway, I had a lot of fun putting that package together. I ended up buying a couple things for myself because I tried it by consumable, I found this lovely stuff Pacifica which is vegan. It has this great leaving conditioner, which is my new favorite thing now because I’ve always haven’t been a fan of conditioners and being in the south, you don’t need it six months out of the year anyway, leaving conditioner is my new favorite thing. And I want you to think about how it again, you don’t have to go to the spa. But how are you when you put your face cream on? Are you gently lovingly putting it on your face when you slapping it on and not thinking about it? Can you be more mindful, create a ritual around it? We can find a rich experience in anything that we do. How’s your spirit? Your spirituality or religion might be a word that you’re more comfortable with. As you all know, if you’ve listened regularly, I see a coach once a month and they’re like oh my coach today and I dragged myself there because I know I’m going to feel better afterwards. And it has helped me professionally as well as personally because they both fell into each other now so do two women’s groups with my coach one is kind of an interactive one and one’s a book club. And we’re starting up again this this month. So I’m really excited about that. Those are people that I can be myself I can act weird or strange or share my fears and I’m supported. I’m not mocked. I’m not laughed at. What about your life’s purpose? Are you living in joy? Are you happy? What needs to speed your feed your spirit, what makes you feel alive would support you in that and then simple basic things that I put in this care category, you can love more, you can be more kind and you can have more gratitude.

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I don’t know what category to put this into. But one change that I’ve made in my life is I don’t listen to mainstream media and network news anymore. Very rarely, something’s happened. I’m gonna find out about it on Facebook. Trust me, I’m not worried about that. And I think when we focus on that, when we focus on all the negativity, I don’t think that that’s healthy for us. And it just adds to it. Remember, everything’s an energy. So if you’re watching something and getting upset, you’re getting stressed out, you’re worrying, oh my gosh, are we gonna have a war just gonna go to the VA, we got to get on that monkey mind cycle, that that’s not healthy. There is a network called good news network. They have a Facebook page. I love that because that’s how they report on good news from around the world. And it reminds me, especially in some challenging times, you know what, there are good people out there. There’s good happening in our world every single day. So I made a conscious choice to listen to things like the Good News Network fun, this is a category I struggle the most with. And I think my challenge was and sometimes still is, is that I feel I have a different definition of fun for people. For instance, my husband and I aren’t big drinkers. We’re not like in a party. That’s just not who we are. It’s who we are we met and so a lot of people that’s their idea of fun and that’s okay, there’s no judgment in there. I just think that sometimes at least in where I’ve been, that’s what fun is all about. So I had to say okay, what is fun for me? We love to play games, we play games, almost daily. card games, we have board game to just we enjoy that a lot. Although I have to admit I find it more fun when I when we also hike weekly. I consider hiking, fun reading a book where it makes me happy, good book and brings me joy. If you’ve read a really awesome book, please send me the title because I’m always looking at keep a running list of things I’d like to read. I enjoy cooking. I’m learning more with No sugar with paleo experimenting, and most of the time, that worked out pretty well. So that’s something that I enjoy doing. Having an amazing conversation. You know, I do the interview, try to do an interview once a month to the podcast because I get so uplifted when I have a wonderful conversation with someone. So I’m encouraged you come up with what you consider fun. Don’t be bound by what anyone else’s definition is, but definitely get some fun in there. Finally, just being enjoy, I was doing an online group and the moderator was talking about people who don’t worry about what other people say or don’t bother them. They have the glass of wine and eat the piece of chocolate cake. They’re not like oh my gosh, I need a piece of cake. I’m gonna gain five pounds and suck out of the joy that I mentioned civil earlier civil and my nephew max who was 10 I am really blessed. I was blessed to have civil a large part of my life because I met her when I was 18 and was in touch with her until she passed and my nephew max Max came out of the womb ready to enjoy life. I haven’t met those two I’m so fortunate to have because they love life, they find the joy, they engage, they are just so happy to be alive. And it’s really amazing to be around those people. So find the joy. Eat a piece of cake. If you want to, you know, you’ll get back on track tomorrow. Do what you choose to do, don’t disregard what others think. And don’t feel guilt. Don’t feel the guilt of having the slice of cake and that you’re doing something wrong. If you want to do and it brings you joy, go for it. I’d also like you to think about if you have any unhealthy or destructive habits like shopping, hey, it’s a podcast about clutter, I had to bring it up. So how are your shopping habits? Do you shop for what you actually need or to fill a void? It can also be eating too much. You know, I’ve talked about emotional eating, drinking too much not talking kindly to yourself. So kind of do reverse with all the categories I mentioned. say well, there’s something out of balance here. I know. This is nonsense. healthy habits that I could improve. I’d like to leave you before the take actions with this final thought that a friend shared on Facebook when I was taking doing this little survey, things I used to desire from other people I’m giving to myself. I love that that’s such sage advice you find yourself looking for others to fill something. What can you do for yourself? take actions from today’s podcast. Pick the areas where you would like to increase better self care. I suggest no more than two or three so you don’t become overwhelmed. Commit to practicing daily acts of good self care in the areas you choose. Schedule or write down if you need to decide if there is an unhealthy habit you could let go of or work to improve. When you find yourself looking for others to fill in the ask how you can take care of yourself. In our final episode for February, we are going to talk about honoring our truth. Go out clear that clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire,

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