Make sure to read all my blogs this month to help prepare you for a stress free holiday.  Part 1 of getting holiday cards organized blog was posted on October 14th and the 3rd part will be on October 21st.

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Organizing Sending Out Cards

If you are going for a simple card you can purchase boxes now or order on line. If you are doing to DIY photo card, or have photos you would like to include with your card, choose photos and get prints. Get preprinted card if you don’t want to sign.

Doing a newsletter?  Start a draft and get the whole family involved. They might have news you didn’t know they wanted to share. The more the merrier, and the less work for one person!

If you have more than a standard card, adding photos or newsletter, take one to the post office and make sure that a letter stamp will work.  If not, make sure you know the correct postage.  Get all the postage you will need. If you don’t need to weigh a card you can order stamps online or get at Costco.

If you haven’t already, update your address book or label list.  Once updated, print labels for card recipients.  Next, print, or gather, return address labels. Don’t throw out the return labels you receive during the year. They will come in handy for the holidays.  You also have the option of buying envelopes with pre printed return address or you can get an address stamp. When we are in our forever furever home, I plan on doing this.  


Tips for Sending Out Holiday Cards

Finish the draft of your newsletter.  Print when completed. 

Gather your cards, photos, newsletters, anything you will be sending.  Again, get the family involved.  You can work as a family during TV breaks.  Do 20 to 30 at a time to not feel overwhelmed.  I also like to keep in my Christmas tote. My husband got me a beautiful felt tote for Christmas in 2019 and I keep my cards and all the fixings in here so I can work on cards when I have a moment. There in one place that I can pick up or take with me and work on the cards.

Put return address labels on envelopes.

Address envelopes or label.

Fold newsletter inside card if doing.


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Write personal note and sign.

Each day I work on a set. I always carry with me in my work bag so if I am waiting in the doctor’s office, I have something to do.

When you are finished take to the post office or put in your mailbox.

How can you break down the steps to mail your holiday cards? Do you do a newsletter or add photos? Is there an area in your home where you can set up shop? 

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