Check out the previous blog on Tips for Emergency Preparedness from September 14th.  In it, I discuss preparing your home and your pets.

Today I’m going to share tips for preparing your car as well as mentally preparing for an emergency.


Here are some things you might want to have in your car. I just purchased a tool that lets you crack the windshield and cut a seat belt. On sale for less than $3 and worth every dime for my peace of mind!

Car driving off road in the mountains.

First aid kit. (Check out my previous blog on what to have in a first aid kit.)

Jumper cables

Road flares


Flashlight & batteries

Duct tape. Got married got cool duck tape and 500 zip ties.

Water & snacks

Extra cash

Ice scraper, shovel, small fan

Blankets, change of clothes

Cat litter


Empty gas jug

Solar charger

If your car is older you may want to have oil, antifreeze and break fluid available.

Make sure everything is contained.  I repurposed a pillow container I had.  Clear containers are great so you can see.  Tape a list outside of box of what you have and check everything annually or before going on trip to make sure nothing has expired.

Mentally Preparing for an Emergency

I took several defensive women’s classes in Los Angeles and it was awesome. Part of the training was to stay calm. I have had to use my skills a few times.  Both times I was alone and being able to stay calm and focus was important. So it was very important to include this in my tips for emergency preparedness blog today.

My husband’s nickname in the army was quiet reliable. I’m grateful to be married to him because he will stay calm when the going gets tough. 

I have mentioned ways to prepare. Being prepared is one way that is going to help you keep calm in a stressful situation.  When I was getting married my dad had contingency plans for everything as we were getting married in the backyard. He wasn’t worried we’d have a sandstorm, but was prepared and had peace of mind.


Breathe. When we get stressed sometimes, we forget to breathe. Consider having a go-to breathing exercise that you can easily begin if you start to feel anxious.

Know things that calm you down. I have rescue remedy.  Breathing, doing EFT, saying a mantra…know how you can manage your anxiety.   You can focus on your senses, move around and do jumping jacks, or ground yourself. Meditate, be present, and reach out for support.  I have found someone talking me down from something that helps. Have a plan in pace.  Write it down if you need to so at the moment you won’t have to think.

Take it one step at a time.  An emergency can be overwhelming, like if you are trying to tackle your entire home to declutter.   Focus completely on the one step: getting everyone out of the home, and dialing 911. Don’t try to do much at once.

Speak slowly and listen carefully.

Stay positive.

Practice adapting.  We all experience things in life that didn’t go as planned.  The next time that happens, view it as practice for a real emergency.


Do what needs to be done.  Yell at someone to do something, asking strangers for clothes off their back.  Whatever it takes to help out in an emergency. Now is not the time to be timid.

What do you need to do to prepare your car? What do you need to do to mentally prepare for a disaster? What else can you add to do after reading both blogs on emergency preparedness?

Take Actions from the two blogs on tips for emergency preparedness:

  • Create an emergency checklist for your home, pets, and car.
  • Build your ER kits and a place where you can easily find them.
  • Tape a list or index on your kit or on your phone so you know what is in there and if something needs to be replaced.
  • Check your kits every six months or before going on a trip to make sure nothing has expired;
  • Have a plan to calm your anxiety if in an ER. When something goes wrong, remember it is an opportunity to practice.

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