Read my previous blog from December 4th where I talked about decluttering your decorations. The final blog in this series will be posted October 11th.

While most people think of meals, gifts and decorations as part of holiday preparations, I’m going to encourage you to expand your holiday thinking and look at other areas for the holidays. You can prepare mentally and emotionally for the holidays as well. While we often see images of smiling people and happy families, that isn’t always the case for everyone. Today, the Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out blog is going to focus on preparing mentally and emotionally for the holidays.



A lot of people are lonely or depressed during the holidays. Or they are stressed out and not having fun.  Clear your mental clutter by coming up with a game plan.  Ask yourself:

What did you like about past holidays?  Talk with family &

Friends.  Write down how you would like your holidays to feel. Then make that a reality by doing what brings you joy.

Just because always done it doesn’t mean you have to! If you have a tradition you don’t like, don’t do it. Have fun creating your own!

Who nourishes you?  Spend time with people you like! Hate the office party? Skip it!

Say NO when you need to. Flex those boundaries.  Do what you choose to do. Don’t play the victim!

Pick a meditation, form of mindfulness that you can turn to when you become stressed or upset.

Have fun!  If you start to get really serious, lighten the mood.



The holidays can be tough for people. Many people can become depressed.  This is also a time when people tend to be stressed and can easily become angry or sad.

Take time to think about your holiday stressors.  What emotions come up for you?  If you have a lot of anger, maybe you need to create better boundaries to have peace. If you have a lot of sadness, what can you do to ease that? Watch funny movies? Have a support group; have a friend on stand by?

Add to your mental clutter plan.  What will you do if a relative makes you angry?  What’s your response if you become really sad?  If you start to get jealous, what will you do?

By being aware you can change your response. If you fall down, you get right back up. You aren’t going to be able to change this instantly, but if you do it enough, your response will start to be the calm one, not the knee jerk, out of control emotion.

Pick one emotion to focus on this season and create a plan to support you when you are challenged.

What are your biggest mental challenges during the holidays? What emotions seem to come up again and again for you? What mental clutter can you clear? What emotions can you declutter from your life?

My Got Clutter? 365 Journal Prompt Workbook can support you in clearing holiday clutter.

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