The Power Deck: A Review of Lynn V. Andrews Oracle Deck

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Power Deck: Using Oracle Cards to Unearth Your Wisdom

As you begin 2019, consider using oracle cards to support you in finding your wisdom within.  I am a huge fan of using oracle cards.  Sometimes I can’t get “neutral” and am too emotional about something and I find that oracle cards area good way to center me and support me in bringing my wisdom to the surface.

The first card I used in the book made me cry.  As 2018 was a very difficult year for me, I pulled the card I needed to hear.  One of my habits for 2019 is to pull a card every morning and set the intention for my day.  Having The Power Deck feels like a wise old soul (myself!) sits right beside me and reminds me I have all the answers within.

There are 45 gorgeous cards in this gorgeous deck. Lynn shares the wisdom of the ancients and allows you to easily access your guidance.  Lynn draws upon her many years of knowledge and this updated deck includes new ceremonies and sacred visioning behind each card. The Power Deck allows you to clear your clutter and release what no longer serves you.

The cards are color-coded to correspond with the directions North, South, East, and West.  They are easy to read and pack a lot of information in a short space. The accompanying guidebook introduces you to the cards, explains how to use the deck and offers several spread options for you to choose.  Each individual card is also detailed and provides a little more information than what is in the card.  

I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Lynn on Reawaken Your Brilliance and excited to interview her for Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out.  We’ll be talking about how oracle cards can support you in clearing your clutter! If you have any questions, submit them by January 15th and I’ll be sure to ask Lynn!

If you’re looking for an oracle deck, you can’t go wrong with The Power Deck.  You can purchase The Power Deck here: 

Note: I am NOT an affiliate and don’t receive any commission of any sales. I was give The Power Deck and offered to review it for free.

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