Joy to the World

Finding Joy How much delight do you have in your life? What’s the secret to finding pleasure? Do you need an infusion of happiness in your life? Learn how to find your joy in the world. Certified [...]

Connecting With Your Inner Child

Connecting with your Inner Child. Finding the kid in you and bringing him or her out. To learn how Julie can support your inner child: Certified life coach, [...]

Feel Your Joy & Share it with the World

How joyful are you? Do you easily feel pleasure? Are you able to be happy? Learn how to feel your joy and share it with the world. Take Actions: Define what joy means to you Discover what brings [...]

Sweet Surrender

Are you able to surrender in life? How do you try and control instead of letting go? Do you wonder what surrendering is and isn’t? Learn how to surrender. Certified life coach, author & [...]

Open Your Mind Open Your Heart

Where are you not open to new and different opinions and perspectives? Why are you narrow-minded in some areas of your life? How can you better deal with close-minded people? Learn how to open [...]

Spiritual Practice: Finding the Joy Again

Spiritual Practice: Has Yours Become Stale? Learn how to revive, rejuvenate and renew your spiritual practice.   Take actions: Create a list of ways you’d like to replenish Discover ways to [...]

Hope Springs Eternal

Have there been times in your life where you’ve lost all hope? Do you desire to strengthen your sense of hope? How do you find hope during your darkest and most challenging moments? Learn how to [...]

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