Clearing Physical Clutter: No Spend Day

No Spend Day: One Way to Clear Your Physical Clutter Ready to tackle your physical clutter this yeara? Challenge yourself to having some no spend days as a way to save money. Take actions: Figure [...]

Gaining Closure on Your Physical Stuff

I know the holidays can be busy, but let’s take time to clear clutter to start 2020 with a clean body, mind, spirit, home, etc. Let’s clear some physical closure today. I encourage you to listen [...]

260: Forget Me Not

Do you do a fall cleaning each year but wondering what you may be leaving out? When was the last time you cleaned your reusable bags? Could you be spreading bacteria when you don’t clean [...]

245: Psychology of Stuff

How did your relationship with stuff as a child affect you currently? Can your brain be affecting whether or not you are holding onto to things? Do we tend to collect more or release more as we [...]

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