259: The Family Calendar

Have you forgotten an event for your child because calendars weren’t synched? Will a paper or electronic calendar work better for your family? Would you like to easily synch [...]

170: Organizing: Pitfalls & How to Avoid

Did you start an organizing project only to discover it would take longer than you thought? Are you about to begin an organizing project and would like to know some pitfalls to avoid? Have you [...]

Home Organizing Tips

Quick Home Organizing Tips I am going to be sharing home organizing tips for different areas of the house. These are really general, but I am hopeful that you can use these or they will spark [...]

The Basics to Get Organized

The Nuts & Bolts to Get Organized Stats from a blog post on sharespace.com. What do you think your numbers are? Average American credit card debt: $15,185; $7,000 unwanted items. Student [...]

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