Sweet Surrender: Learn How to Let Go

Learn to find the Sweet Surrender in life for peace of mind. Take actions: Define what surrender means to you Acknowledge where you haven’t been able to surrender Practice releasing control in [...]

Spiritual Practice: Finding the Joy Again

Spiritual Practice: Has Yours Become Stale? Learn how to revive, rejuvenate and renew your spiritual practice.   Take actions: Create a list of ways you’d like to replenish Discover ways to [...]

Playing the Victim

Where in your life do you feel like a victim? How has feeling like a victim helped and harmed you? Would you like to learn how to empower yourself by releasing the need to play the victim? Learn [...]

1 Minute-Wisdom: Blind Spot

Blinders: Where in life are your blinders? How are they stopping you to be the best version of you? Take a moment to contemplate your blind spots. Certified life coach, author & award-winning [...]

Playing the Victim

Victimized: How is Feeling This Way Affecting Your Life? Feeling victimized is one area of my life where I need to constantly be aware. When I’m feeling like a victim, I lose my power to [...]

Do You Respect Yourself?

How Much Do You Have for Yourself? We can all learn to respect ourselves more for good self-care and self-love.  Take actions: Contemplate how you don’t love  yourself in this way Decide what one [...]

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