259: The Family Calendar

Have you forgotten an event for your child because calendars weren’t synched? Will a paper or electronic calendar work better for your family? Would you like to easily synch [...]

Homework Support: Three Quick Tips

Homework Support It’s the most wonderful time of the year! In this short video, I share three tips for doing homework and for homework support. For more information about my mastermind A [...]

235: Apps for Spring Cleaning

What apps can help you with spring-cleaning? Would you like to be able to be more mindful while on the go? What app can help you shake up your life if you feel you are in a rut? Learn about apps [...]

Get Organized & Clear Clutter 2018

  Do you keep saying you’ll get organized someday, but someday never comes? Are you overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted by your clutter? Would you like to save time and money while reducing [...]

169: Repurposing to Get Organized

Are you annoyed at the cost of many organizing containers? Do you have fun being creative and would like to bring that into your organizing? Looking for a way to save money when you get [...]

The Basics to Get Organized

The Nuts & Bolts to Get Organized Stats from a blog post on sharespace.com. What do you think your numbers are? Average American credit card debt: $15,185; $7,000 unwanted items. Student [...]

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