247: Whose Voice Is That?

Is it your voice criticizing you or someone else’s? Do you regularly hear your voice or of that of a parent, teacher or friend? How do you release that little voice that isn’t yours? [...]


How to Downsize: A Tale of Two Guys

Do you wonder what it is like to downsize? Are you ready to downsize? Learn tips to downsizing as we talk to Jim Henry and Herb Burgess. For more information about Jim & Hosta Seizure: [...]


Get Organized & Clear Clutter 2018

  Do you keep saying you’ll get organized someday, but someday never comes? Are you overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted by your clutter? Would you like to save time and money while reducing [...]


FEB BONUS: Following Your Heart

Do you listen to your heart? Do you follow your heart? The number 1 regret of the dying is not pursuing dreams and aspirations. When we don’t follow our heart, we can creat all kinds of [...]

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