Sustainable Organizing Tip: From Julie’s 7 R’s of Eco Organizing: Repurposing

Are you annoyed at the cost of many organizing containers? Do you have fun being creative and would like to bring that into your organizing?  Looking for a way to save money when you get organized? Would you like to be a little more eco-friendly in your organizing?

Being green in your organizing can be fun as well as save you time or money. I was the first person in North Carolina to specialize in being green, or eco-friendly organizing. People thought my business would tank, but I’ve found success. As climate change is real, we need to think about all our options to make a difference.


What’s great is you probably have a lot of these things already around your home. And if you don’t, there easy to find and if you are really adventurous you can have a lot of fun with them!

Here are some of the things I have repurposed around the home to help me stay organized.

Drink wine get organized.  I go to the wine store and gather boxes to reuse to get organized. We moved last year and I used some and then passed along.

Cookie stand with make-up. I have daily makeup in an easy-to-reach place since I use it daily.

Pillowcase container for cords. I hate all these plastic bags. If I have to have plastic, I find a way to repurpose it.  Little pillowcase bags are perfect for storing cords.

Bedding to keep extra blankets. We got a new comforter and I use the bag to keep them stored in winter.


Here are some fun things I have seen as well that I really like:

  • Corkboard for jewelry
  • Ice cube jewelry
  • Wire hangers flip flop storage
  • Crown molding high heel storage
  • Wine case shoe storage (I use ornaments)
  • Keep thread & buttons: binder / photo album
  • Luggage tags label baskets
  • Bathroom hardware jewelry rack
  • Wine rack purse organizer
  • Shower hooks hang jeans
Organized Kitchen
What do you have around your home you can repurpose?

Google can find anything as well as youtube. I’m convinced there is a video for everything. There is also a let’s fix it channel. I love Pinterest too.  I have pinned tons of ways to repurpose pallets. There are lots of clever people out there.

We have a repurposing center near Raleigh and I know a lot of big cities have them.  We also have a swap center here run by the town. Then of course there is Freecycle so you may be able to pick up some cool stuff to repurpose.

In your mind you are limitless and there are zillions of ways to be creative so have fun with it!

Since we are talking about repurposing I wanted to share some of my favorite green organizing tips that I like to share.

More sustainable organizing tips:

  • Know what you’ve got. “I’ve been looking for that.” better than “Couldn’t find so I bought new one”.
  • Use what you have. Gather ½ full shampoos, etc. Place in shower and use. See how many meals can conjure with food in fridge, freezer, and pantry.
  • Make a “use or lose it” basket Give easy access and feel good to let it go.
  • “Isn’t that groovy?”  Get in the habit of not bringing “groovies” home. Examine, exclaim, “isn’t that groovy!” and walk away.

Take actions from today’s decluttering blog on sustainable organizing tip: repurposing

  • Look around your home.  What do you have already available that you can repurpose into helping you get organized?  A corkboard, ice cube tray, empty wine box??
  • Implement some of your repurposing finds to get organized.
  • Have fun and spend some time on YouTube, Pinterest, and Google finding more ways to repurpose.
  • Get in the habit of not bringing stuff home!

What can you repurpose in your home? How can you be more green in your organizing? Can you get by with less stuff so you don’t have to organize?

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