Summer Travel Tips: How Can I Prepare for Summer Travel? Part 1

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Have you forgotten your favorite outfit when traveling? Did you ever pay an outrageous price for a few aspirins when you could have packed a bottle? Have you had to make plans on the fly with a canceled flight? TLet’s clear some clutter and enjoy summer travel tips. Don’t forget to check out our second blog later this month.


In a May 2015 article from USA today they estimated 222 million travelers were expected to fly from June 1 through Aug. 31, according to the industry group Airlines for America, which represents the largest U.S. carriers. The previous peak was 217 million travelers in 2007, before the economic downturn, according to the group. The average number of 2.4 million travelers per day would include 332,000 on international flights, which the group said would also be a record.


Summer Travel Tips: Planning Your Trip


The first thing I am going to suggest is to decide on a budget. Once you have done that, stick with it. Anytime I can mention creating a budget and sticking to it, I am going to. I have worked with clients who have lots of clutter in their homes and are in debt. It’s really easy if you are not paying attention to end up in debt. This PSA is now over.


Once you have decided on your budget, have some fun with deciding where you would like to go. If you want to hire a travel agent, now is the time. My mother uses a travel agent for all of her big trips. It is easier for her to have an expert in the area where she is traveling.


I encourage you to involve all family members, including kids, in planning. I believe that makes a better experience for everyone

I prefer to search on the Internet. I am a fan of Trip Advisor, where you are given lots of opinions and reviews and can assess if the place is really what it claims to be. With sites like Kayak, you can search for the best fairs as well. combines personal recommendations and good research. It’s an easy to use plug and play itinerary builder for the US and Europe.


If you are looking for luxury digs, check out for online booking for Vegas, Miami, and New York with Los Angeles coming soon.


If nature is more your thing, check out for hand-selected rental homes that are next to national and state parks as well as other protected areas of natural beauty in the US, Britain, the Canary Islands and Italy.


If you are traveling abroad, have some currency in that country’s denomination.   I take enough to be able to get something to eat, for tips or to buy street art. I then exchange in the country because the local banks are going to have a much better rate. Be sure to check the CDC for health advisories of the State Department for any concerns about safety.


Create an itinerary with where you will be staying with the website, phone numbers, any other contact information. Have a copy for work if necessary; family or friends, and keep a copy for yourself. I kept all of our necessary info on Evernote.

More Summer Travel Tips

First, when planning, I also allow for at least a free day (preferably two) to allow for jet lag, catching up on chores like running to the grocery store and laundry, and going through mail and email.


Next, I get a pet sitter or baby sitter if necessary. Make a list of everything that needs to be done—getting the mail, watering plants, etc. I have a list for the cats that I update before each trip. It has how to reach us or a friend if we are overseas, their vet info in case of an emergency and treats, food and play instructions.


Third, make sure you clean the fridge before you go so you don’t return home to rotting food.


Check and see if your phone has an overseas plan or if you want to rent one while over there. There are also apps that you can use to communicate.


Confirm all registrations (plane, hotel) Make sure you have ordered an appropriate meal (such as vegetarian) if you will be on a long flight.


Finally, if you won’t have anyone staying, run a load of dishes, take out the trash and turn down the thermostat before you leave.


What summer travel tips will you use? What’s the best life hack you’ve used for travel?


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