Many people travel by car in the summer. Even if you are traveling a short distance, you don’t want to get stranded. I had my car die on me last year and it was not fun. Fortunately, an older gentleman and two young men helped me out. I was close enough to a strip of stores where they could guide me in. I was also less than a block from home. I have been stranded, in winter, on the WV turnpike along with hundreds of others. Worse trip of my life. If you are prepared, you are more likely to handle an emergency much more easily and it reduces your stress.

Summer Travel: Car

Here are some things you will want to check. Thanks to AAA for some of this information.

First, check your tires. Check the manufactured recommended air pressure (in the owner’s manual or inside door jamb). Check during colder temps if possible, so early morning in the summer. Use a penny to check the tread depth by inserting the top of Lincoln’s head into a tire’s tread. If you can see his entire head, time for new tires!


Next, check your oil. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals, replace the oil filter every time and use the recommended oil type and viscosity. I always got the cheap stuff but when I inherited my husband’s car I had to upgrade in oil.


Also, don’t forget the battery; charging system: test for any hidden electrical issues or if your battery is getting weak. Periodic tests will indicate if repair or replacement is needed before getting stranded.

Finally, the Wiper blades/fluid: Be safe and make sure these work. If your blades are worn down or are streaky, time to replace.


If you are traveling, I also recommend having snacks and drinks, an umbrella, jacket, extra change of clothes (if doing a day trip) and in your phone the number of roadside service.


Summer Travel: Apps

Apps can make life easier, less cluttered and more organized. Some apps you might to check out are want are:

First, Google Maps & City Maps2 Go for detailed map information.


Don’t forget WalkJogRun if you are looking for safe routes for exercise;


I like What’s App Messenger and also use Skype when traveling overseas so you don’t incur phone costs.


Flight Track Pro lets’ you find your flight information easily.


Travel List helps you create checklists for your travel.

Pocket first aid and CPR and ICE apps self-explanatory.


Oanda Currency converter if you are traveling overseas.


Foodspotting what people love to eat when they are out and about.


Chefs feed for chef’s recommendation of where to eat US, Canada and London.


Evernote is also a great all-purpose app to keep information in. I used it for our honeymoon and it was great with the easy search capability.


Takeaways from today’s blog:

  • Create an itinerary with where you will be staying with the website, phone numbers, any other contact information. Have a copy for work if necessary; family or friends, and keep a copy for yourself.
  • Generate a checklist that you can use every time you travel. You can easily keep on your smartphone or computer. Travel List is a wonderful app;
  • Since delays are pretty much the norm these days, take a book or some form of entertainment. Add an interesting app to your tablet or phone. Have a daily mindfulness practice that you do. Don’t waste energy getting steamed if you are stuck, put it to good use.


Have fun and safe travels!

What apps do you use when traveling? How do you prepare your car for travel?


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