Strong Body Whole Heart Interview with Julie Coraccio

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This was back in December it was focused on the holidays, so hey we have you covered for memorial day. In All honesty, this is good advice that you can apply year round.

The purpose of the Strong Body Whole Heart podcast is to empower women with tools and strategies for authentic connection and powerful living. Hosts are Kelly covert and Maggie Quinn. I just interviewed Kelly last month and will have Maggie on an upcoming episode. You can check out their podcast at

We had an awesome conversation about the power of clearing your clutter both physically and emotionally!!

In this week’s episode we discuss:

  • Ways to create space around us, specifically around the holidays.
  • They discuss the “just becauses” of the holidays (ie. I’ve always eaten this pie, even though I don’t want it, I’ll eat it, just because)
  • Clutter is anything that stops you from creating the life you desire.
  • This week’s guest, Julie Caraccio, can help you clear clutter in ANY part of your life.
  • Clearing clutter in your outer world, can help clear it in your inner reality and vice versa.
  • Love and gratitude can change your life. When you live your life in gratitude, it is easy to remove and resist clutter because you are just happy with what you have.

Take Actions from Today’s podcast:

  • Have a plan of action if you are dealing with a challenging event. Know that you have a choice.
  • Set an intention on how you want it to feel in each room in your home.
  • Take time to remove any energetic clutter that is residing in your home.

Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire.

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