Standing Desk: Easy Tip to Increase Productivity & Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

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Standing Desk: My Review of the Ergospring Standing Desk Converter-Extra Wide

I had wanted to get a standing desk for a while. If you’ve listened regularly to my podcast or watched it on YouTube, you know that making my health is a priority this year. I’m a big believer that small changes add up to big wins.

You can find lots of articles that talk about the risks of sitting and how a standing desk converter may help. As I have had more back pain recently as well as pain in my knees, I am trying various ways to improve my health. I’m also doing more writing and coaching and less physical decluttering and find myself at my desk more.

I encourage you to do research about how sitting all day may be harming you. Here are a few that I believe came from unbiased sources:


First, AnthroDesk’s  Ergospring Standing Desk Converter-Extra Wide was a breeze to set up. It’s sturdy, but not super heavy, although I’d recommend two people to lift it up on your desk. I was a bit concerned about this adjustable desk being big enough because I have a large Mac desktop. As there are two surfaces, I’m able to utlize more space and keep close what I use the most and have it within easy reach. I’m happy the desk has plenty of room to center my computer and hold pens, notebooks, and glasses.

(To see what other sit-stand desks and products AnthroDesk has check out their website.)


I love how simple it is to adjust the desk. There is a lever on the right side and a hole on the left side (see picture) so you can easily lift the desk up or move it down without fear of knocking anything off. The few times I spilled lunch and coffee the mess wiped up right away and appears to be stain resistant. It’s definitely easy to clean. The desk is rugged and appears to be holding up to good use.

Sit Standing Desk

Big Enough to Hold my Mac Desktop

The Adjustable Desk Standing

Within seconds you can convert the desk so you can stand.

Two easy to grip holes on each side allow you to adjust the desk.


I have also found that I’m more productive with an adjustable standing desk as it allows me to focus more.


I’m very pleased so far and expect to get a lot of mileage out of this desk. My husband is also considering buying one based on how happy I am and because he sits even more for work.


I would love to see AnthroDesk in more color options as well as have some indentations for a coffee cup or to hold pens or a mouse, but I’m not sure if that’s possible from a design or manufacturing stand-point.


For me, $149 is a small investment in your health and to potentially increase your productivity.   Don’t forget to check with your accountant to see if you can get a tax write off for business supplies or health benefits.


I was asked to review the AnthroDesk. I wasn’t paid for this review but did receive the desk for free.

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