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Spring Cleaning Mind.

The present moment represents our point of power because that’s where we can take action to change. Do you know where you spend the majority of your time? Is it the past, present or future?

Do you often become angry, ruminating over past events wondering what you should have said or done? Perhaps learning better boundaries is a skill to transform anger into peace. If you’re anxious about having enough money for retirement, can you skip the daily Starbucks to put into savings?

Spend ten minutes a day noticing if you’re in the past, present or future. Wear a rubber band and snap it to bring you back. Or set a timer every half an hour to observe where your thoughts are.

Spring Cleaning Your Emotions

My mantra is self-awareness is a necessity. In this 24/7 world, we often do not get the luxury of self-examination; many of us operate on autopilot. Start by becoming aware of your emotions and how you respond to people, events, situations, etc. Do you have a lot of anger or sadness? Have your insecurities prevented you from trying something new? Do you feel unworthy and therefore don’t ask for a much-deserved raise?


As you become more aware of your emotional clutter, try and remain neutral. Many emotions have been labeled as good (joy, happiness, passion) or bad (anger, sadness, shame). Concentrate on observing the emotion, not labeling it. If women hadn’t been angry, the 19th amendment might have never happened. In this example, anger became a catalyst for change.

Dig deep. Many times there are layers to emotions; sometimes under anger is sadness. Consider your emotions as guideposts signaling the path to change.


If you are angry, can you scream? Dance? Have a temper tantrum? Moving our bodies helps stagnant energy release. If feeling sad, can you cry? Talk to a friend? Practice a fluid movement like tai chi? Consider asking the emotion how it would like to be expressed.

I discovered my fear of the emotion was much greater than feeling the emotion. As I practiced expressing my emotions, they could be released, instead of remaining stuck causing me to suffer.

Practice self-kindness and be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy. Begin by being gentle with yourself as you work on removing your emotional clutter.

Spring Cleaning Your Spiritual Clutter

Spring clean comparing yourself to others. Comparing yourself to others is a waste of energy. If you are always comparing yourself how can you celebrate your gifts?

You are a unique individual with unique talents, physical characteristics and personality traits. How could you compare that to someone with a completely different set of one-of-a-kind everything?

It’s human nature to want to compare ourselves to others. I also believe with all the advertising and messages we are bombarded with daily, it’s hard not to let that affect us.   However, if we focus on others, than that takes away time for focusing on ourselves. We all have our journeys to take and lessons to learn. Even if you are comparing yourself to someone with similar circumstances, looks, skills, etc. you may very well have different journeys and different reasons for having similar experiences.

Comparing yourself to someone else is easy. It’s a lot harder to do self-reflection.

This week, when you find yourself comparing yourself to someone, stop. Take a deep breath.   Spend time on self-reflection.

What weaknesses can you improve? What about yourself could you celebrate? What other emotional or spiritual spring cleaning do you need to do?

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