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         With friends like this…

Do you gossip about friends? Have you broken confidence? Do you tend to gossip about the same person? What you seem as harmless, could actually be harmful.


I had a neighbor recently tell me two homes in our neighborhood were foreclosed on. I had zero judgment about this but was concerned for my family’s well being. We will be selling our house and foreclosures could negatively affect our price. Instead of taking this gossip as truth, I went to an open house and asked the realtor. I was very straightforward and said this is what I heard from a neighbor. I was happy to find out neither home went into foreclosure?


What if that scuttlebutt went around the neighborhood—it might have, and get back to someone’s employer? Raleigh is a big town but is like a small city at times. Someone’s reputation could have been damaged by false information. Pause to think about that. Could you have ever harmed someone by gossiping? Do you gossip about your friends or neighbors?




Why Are We Spreading Rumors?

According to an article in 2014 from Psychology Today Anthropologists believe that gossip has been a way for us to bond with others—and sometimes a tool to isolate those who aren’t supporting the group.


You may gossip because you are jealous. Or you may gossip to manipulate or control a person or a situation. We may also gossip because we see knowledge as power.


I believe many times we gossip to feel better about ourselves and to have a focal point for our frustration. At least, that is what I found for myself.I would think I am not as bad as those crazy housewives.


Putting someone else down doesn’t raise me up. In fact, it lowers my vibration. Ever since I quit reading gossip I feel a lot better.


When we focus on the faults of others, how can we expect others not to do the same to us? Whatever you put out in the world comes back to you in some way, shape or form. When we take delight in the mean things about others, couldn’t our time be better spent working on ourselves? Improving our own lives or supporting others?


I have seen people argue in favor of gossip, but stick with my original position that gossip is spiritual clutter and it is a good thing to release it.





Problems gossip & Spreading Rumors can cause

Gossip isn’t innocent fun. It can cause problems.


At work gossip has been found to:

  • Decrease productivity as it wastes time
  • Compromises professional standards.
  • Causes pain, resentment and distrust.
  • Management spends enormous energy finding out “who said what.”
  • Workers lose confidence in management if it’s allowed to continue.


If you regularly gossip: you can cause harm to others, especially if something is particularly negative and especially if it is untrue. You are a partner in spreading lies. People will trust you less. Think in your own life. Is there someone you know who gossips a lot?


I had a friend that got really drunk one New Year’s Eve. She proceeded to gossip about our mutual friend, implying he was gay. Carole was much closer to this couple than she was to me, so I was very surprised she shared this. It made me realize if she would say something like this about people she was really close to, what would she say about me and my husband. Although this isn’t the only reason we’re no longer friends. I realized I could never trust her.


For me, the worse thing about gossip is if it breaks a confidence. Someone confided in you and you broke that bond. Probably most of us have had that happen to us. It’s not fun.


Do you gossip at work? Have you ever have someone break a confidence? How did that feel?



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