Spiritual Practice: Has Yours Become Stale?

Learn how to revive, rejuvenate and renew your spiritual practice.


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  • Create a list of ways you’d like to replenish your spiritual practice.
  • Discover ways to rejuvenate yourself to help your spiritual practice.
  • Be still
  • Reawaken different spiritual practice or religious practices.
  • Fill your spiritual cup to fill your spiritual practice.
  • Share your rejuvenation and replenishment with others to inspire them to rejuvenate his or her spiritual practice.

Certified life coach, author & award-winning professional life organizer Julie Coraccio shares steps and tips to support you in creating the life you choose, deserve and desire through decluttering your life, mindfulness and how to organize your life.

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Julie Coraccio on Spiritual Practice

Today on clear your clutter inside and out. We’re talking about spiritual replenishment. How is your spiritual or religious life? Is it need of some rejuvenation? Has your routine for the divine gotten stale and could use a fresh infusion? Would you like tips to fill your spiritual or religious cup? Learn how to spiritually restock and revive as we finish our month focusing on replenishment and rejuvenation. Do you control your clutter? Or does your clutter control you? unclear your clutter inside now I will teach you awareness as well as action steps to create change in your life. Come on. Let’s get started. This is a great time to be recording this podcast episode because boy do I feel rejuvenated and replenished someone just solved or explained something to me a huge problem and I’m so full so rejuvenated right now. So yay, I’m doing the podcast episode. Today’s episode was inspired because I was motivated after I left my coach and that women’s group was my main source of spiritual nourishment. I did something else for a bit in between a Facebook group, but the guy was connected to my teacher and and that was kind of some yuckiness and lots of moaning and groaning in the group which you have to have the space for that but in my spiritual life, I would don’t want a ton of that. I hope it’s not sounding as bad because you know, I’m always about expressing your feelings but just wasn’t the right fit for me. My spirit So practice is important to me. And I needed to replenish it. When I stepped away, I needed the break. I was grateful for that. But now I’m in the process of changing that of replenishing and rejuvenating it. And that was really what fired today’s episode. One of the things I figured out was that I needed immunity. So I found a book club. It’s great. I’m the baby. When was the last time I was the youngest person, something. It’s great being the baby. We don’t read spiritual books, but we discuss life. And I love hearing different perspectives and contemplating life, and that’s really important to me and I went to the first meeting last week and it was great. I felt very welcomed, interesting group of women and that rejuvenates me that fills my cup. I’m going to use the word spiritual throughout And one of the reasons I got the habits physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, emotional, emotional, religious, just doesn’t sound right. So if you have a religious practice, please substitute that when I say spiritual, because what I’m going to talk about today applies there as well. So don’t get caught up in word choice spirituals, what I use, substitute if universe whatever word fits best for you. How to replenish your spiritual practice. What I’m about to share isn’t quite directly related to actual practice, but when you replenish your soul, your Punisher practice, because I think that that’s part of it if your soul is yearning or to feeling unfulfilled, how can you replenish that? reconnect with your youth. What did you like to do when you were younger? Always when I was six, I said I wanted to be an Archaeologists so I could bring my mother bones for her birthday present. Maybe I was a little bit of a weird kid. What did you dream that you’d be when you grow up? What make you made you excited? What TV shows Did you watch our band that you listened to 80s music here we come. Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to reconnect with blue eye shadow. Figure out what got you excited and got you going as a child and find a way to reconnect with that. Be grateful and positive. This is also part of connecting to your youth because a lot of times this was a lot easier. You know, I the thing that I’m really excited about and it’s so great to be recording the podcast episode now is because it had to do with adulting sometimes adulting and dealing with mortgages and stuff like that is not fun.

And when you don’t have those additional responsibilities that are more carefree, especially the younger you are, it’s easier to be grateful and positive. You weren’t jaded by life. You don’t have to adult. How can you reconnect that with your youth? What were you always positive about? What made you excited? be social. This has been a challenge for me, as my social circles have really shifted since I’ve moved to Raleigh. Hard to believe I left LA and 96 I moved here to North Carolina in the fall of 96. Uh, gosh, I’ve been here 13 years in the fall. When I first moved here, I started my own business. Within a year I had done meetups I had my business was the first part hanging out with that, but that shifted. I had a spiritual community, a church that I just some things happen and what Wasn’t a right fit for me any more than the women’s group. So all these have gone away. And my husband and I tend to be home bodies. So I’m really working on this, the book club was a way to get community. And I’m going to continue to work on that I’d like to find a place where we can find a spiritual home spiritual community. And that’s really important to make the effort. I’ve been saying for a while we’re going to move it’s actually happened, things have changed, we thought we’d moved back to West Virginia, and so many things are up in the air and 2018 was really hard. So we just feel like we need a fresh start. So part of community and replenishing that for us is going to be moving. Now of course, you don’t have to make a huge effort like that. But part of our effort will when we move to be more social Hopefully we’ll have a little more space. But I’m going to do new commerce activities. And I never done that when I moved to Raleigh and, you know, maybe get back to meet up. But look for ways to be social. How can you do that to replenish your soul? Really hanging out with people and having awesome conversation makes me really happy. So the book club is bringing that in, even though it’s not a spiritual book club. Change your routine, do something differently. You know, I talked earlier about using Oracle cards. I hadn’t looked at those in a while, and I feel moved to use those again. So that’s something part of my routine that’s different. It’s exciting. I’m really enjoying it. So how can you do something differently? And, you know, it doesn’t have to be the huge things and you know, the Oracle card or something that’s spiritual, but maybe you take a class in a new language and that opens Up possibilities, maybe like, Oh my gosh, now I want to travel here. And so it might not be a huge awakening of your soul. You’re just doing something differently, but it can allow that it can give that space to bring that in. Hang out with kids. I have a 13 year old niece, teenager, 12 year old nephew, and nine year old niece. And it’s still there was a lot easier honestly, when they were younger. Because I could just be crazy. They still think I’m a little nuts. But when I hang out with kids, really of any age, I have, I just get renewed. I love hearing what kids are thinking or feeling and their ideas and they have this energy and again, they’re still not jaded. And you know, I got to see max a couple weeks ago we went to see him play soccer. He’s on the West Virginia Olympic development team and The kid just makes me laugh. He thinks every day is the best day ever and, and we were joking about stuff and he’s like, Oh, you know, bring your chair and I couldn’t hear you cheering because I can cheer really loudly. So hang out with children. romance and love and you do not have to be in a relationship. For romance and love. We all desired we love romance yourself if you’re single. When was the last time you brought yourself flowers? cooked yourself an amazing dinner. There are ways that we can love ourselves and take care look, think about when you’re putting on your face cream, just like slapping on or do you massage it you think Oh, I feel so good on my face and you gently and lovingly put the cream on your face. Bring back romance and love and we can all love ourselves more. We really can

and that would be a place to To start again, when you do any things to replenish your soul, it’s it’s allowing, it’s bringing, it’s opening that space, for rejuvenation, for love for all the things you desire. Exercise, eat well, the better you take care this physical vehicle, the more it’s going to help you spiritually. My big I’m going to talk about this, what I’ve been doing so far in my progress on my goals, because the books are the goal, the goal last year, this is my health, stretching, weight, lifting weights, drinking more water. When I feel my best, not only helps me support people, but it’s part of my spiritual practice. I feel I’m more open to my divine wisdom. When I take care of myself, I’m open to following through my intuition. I’ll tell you funny story. So I was at the gym the other day and I left My intuition said I was doing you know how you have inner and outer thigh machine which can sometimes get busy. And my intuition said go to the inner one. Again, no, there’s no one there and there’s only one on that matter. Sure enough, both taken within five seconds of sitting down. So I was like, Okay, Okay, got it. Take care of myself, open myself up and can access that. What my soul wants me to hear what my soul desires for me to hear. Get away. Get away. It doesn’t again have to be a big trip overseas. I have a big birthday this year and shocking another friend who from college has a big birthday. And it’s funny because I said, Yeah, I think I want to go on a retreat. Maybe weekend. I did some investigating. I’m thinking maybe a Silent Retreat. Maybe we can that something spiritual. I know that and I’ve never done a Silent Retreat. And so that’s a short thing. short little trip. I’m looking at doing but Get away even for the day. We live near a place called Seagrove which has amazing pottery. I mean even going there for the day was rejuvenating seeing all these artists and all their amazing creation. So look in your backyard, but get away. Be still. When was the last time you just sat? Maybe closed your eyes. Maybe did some deep breathing. You weren’t thinking about what you had to cook for dinner. You weren’t thinking about the meeting tomorrow, you’re completely present. Just listening. Just be still no agenda. That’s hard for a lot of us who want Can you just take them on now. Sorry, guys. Let’s take a moment. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And just be still. If that was really hard for you, I’m going to encourage you to get more of that into your day. Listen. Now this can have a couple of different meanings in the sense that listening to yourself listening to your soul, listen to your intuition and listening to others. How many times when you’re talking with someone, are you truly engaged listening to what they have to say? And then how many times are you waiting for your next point to share or as you’re reading or listening you are waiting to respond or but are you fully engaged in active listening? meditate, even five minutes a day can make a huge difference. Meditation allows you to connect with your soul. And if you haven’t, again, take the time to be still and listen and meditate. do that now. That allows you I’ve had some of the most profound experiences while meditating. And there are lots of options out there. I first tried to do it where you sit on the littles of the Foo, I believe it’s how it’s pronounced. And they said, Imagine a piece of rice between your lips and then like, imagine a piece of rice got me all crazy and couldn’t do it. But I found transcendental dental meditation which works for me. Be present. Be present. The more you do that, you can listen to your soul. You have your point of power to change, you have your point of power to create your reality. How present are you? How many times are you living in the past or living in the future? Most of us are anywhere with the present. Simply being present for five minutes. consumes your soul. It can inspire your soul, it can connect you to yourself.

forgive someone who do you You need to forgive. As you all know, I take a very holistic view on organizing on decluttering, mindfulness, all that fun stuff. And one of the things I’m doing this year is I read this actually on Facebook of all places, and I shared it to my Instagram account. So for 30 days, I am sending love sending Good Vibrations, good thoughts, praying, all that good stuff to one person. So a couple minutes a day. I do that in January, I’ll just share with you as my husband. I mean, how hard is that I love the guy. My goal with that because I’m going to change it up every month is to do that to a couple people that I don’t like so well and that I haven’t quite forgiven for some things that they’ve done. My hope with doing that is it will allow me to forgive them will allow me to okay if I have to spend send them love every day, then I’m hoping that that can shift our forgiveness again when you hold on to that and the unable to forgive and the bitterness and anger whatever else is going on there that blocks your soul that your soul doesn’t appreciate that that doesn’t support your soul your soul doesn’t enjoy it. But who can you forgive? Some people mistakenly believe that you’re either born organized or you are not true. getting organized and clearing clutter, as well as learning to be more mindful and aware is a skill that you can learn and will support you your entire life. Julian crotches, online classes, and online workshops are friendly and conversational. Each class also contains action items for you to implement. Once you’ve completed the class, visit reawaken your brilliance calm to learn more. Play with a pet. It’s another thing I’m doing is making Making sure to play with the cats each day and you know what? I’m relaxed when I do it I enjoy it I do feel that soulful connection and until I was cat mommy never got that never understood it. But playing with the pet is something that is great. You don’t have a pet consider volunteering at a rescue or shelter they definitely need your support. Explore. What do you want to explore? Like when I was a kid I used to like to explore the woods. Can you explore a topic of interest? Can you explore your own house? How can you see your own house for a different view? If you were someone coming in for the first time? What is it that you’d like to explore? Create a sacred space ever sacred space in my home. And that’s where I can focus. That’s where I can meditate that honors my soul honors my spirit To ality, it honors my commitment to being the best woman I can be. And it doesn’t have to be an entire room. Mine’s not a little area, my guest room setup. Focus on what you can control. We get off our spiritual path or religious path we get off and frustration when things are out of our control. We can’t control the way we think we can or we get frustrated because we can and that just takes us down the wormhole. You can control you, your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions and how you behave. Focus on that. Laugh. When is the last time you cracked up and just had that full belly awesomeness laughter I did a lot with so great to see max a couple weeks ago because I did a lot with Max and the great thing about Max’s max helps me laugh at myself. And that’s not always easy for me to do. So have those big laugh. They have Think laughing yoga, go look at a baby laughing online, I gone a YouTube video you will crack up. laugh more that helps release your tension that helps him or laughter or enjoy. Appreciate your life right now. I really believe love and gratitude are the highest vibrations and when we appreciate what we have right now in the moment that’s a way here’s how I view it truly viewed as acknowledging yourself saying, Okay, this is where we are. I am Okay, thank you. I appreciate all that I have around me. It just, again gives you that lightness gives you that gratitude allows you to raise your vibration and connect more freely and fully with yourself. Listen to inspiring music or read inspiring text.

That’s a sure way to connect you with Your soul I was talking with someone the other day and they just love music and they just tell me how much that inspires them and they they get in that frame of mind and you think that’s so beautiful ask for support you know what? I need some support now I can’t find my soul I can’t connect with my soul I talked to my dear dear teacher Judy the other day and I laugh because she’s like, yeah, you’re nuts. Let’s do some healing and movement here because you’re you’ve been turning away your higher self has all this knowledge and you haven’t you’ve been concerned about you’ve been looking to others instead of yourself, which was true. nervous that I was gonna make the wrong decision. So I needed support. So I call duty and said hey, can we do a reading healing? determine your Why have you know, last January I did a podcast Your mission statement and creating I AMS and all that good stuff. What is your Why? Why do you get up in the morning because that might be in your mission statement. And what you’re working on to accomplish what gives you a sense of purpose. And again that can change don’t feel like it’s static life is about change and movement. What gets yet proven what gets you excited? What gets you out of bed in the morning, and if you’re not sure what your why is, this is a great time to do it to replenish yourself. Think about that and work on that. Figure out your why. How to rejuvenate. We replenished a bit. So let’s do some rejuvenation. And again, these are mix and match. Do what feels good. But here are some ways to rejuvenate. Got our soul going on some other ways. Chill out. chillax. Again when it is time you just hung out and just chilled. My husband and I are rewatching all the Harry Potter movies. So we just watched number two last night. So probably about once a week, we’re doing the film and I mean talk about laughter connecting with you. wishing I had her mind around to take care of some things. did all of that. And it was just fun to sit with. It was really cold last night here how to fire on, sat with the Hub’s held hands. The cats were all around and we watched Harry Potter, relaxing and rejuvenating. Let go the loser, switch that to the positive. You’re not losing weight. you’re gaining muscle. you’re gaining endurance, whatever it is. So don’t focus on the last part. You’re not losing a relationship. You are perhaps gaining freedom, gaining more soul full time? How can you switch around that to be positive? So I have a friend that’s through a divorce. And I checked in with her, I said, how you doing? And she said, I’m living my life unapologetically absolutely love that living her life, unapologetically. So she’s not focused on the loss of a marriage and a divorce. She’s focused on unapologetically living her life. So how whatever that is, it’s going on in your life. How can you switch that? How can you tweak that? journal? I’m a huge fan of journaling. One of the reasons why I created the journal prompt books was because I think journaling is so valuable. When you’re relaxed and you’re focused and you can do that you can really gain valuable insight talk about connecting with your soul. Your soul wants to share with you your soul wants to give you knowledge It needs a vehicle to do that. So whether it’s something like a journal prompt book, or just taking a blank page and writing, can’t think just start writing, something will come up. Connect with loved ones. And this is a little different than romance. One of the things I have been doing is reconnecting with friends through college, you know, life happens. We’re all busy, all got things to do, but I’ve been going through and having phone conversations, or getting email, forget whatever facetiming and checking in and that’s been really wonderful. That’s been extremely wonderful. So who in your life can you reconnect with? Have a nice cup of coffee? You can have tea or FaceTime. If someone’s not in the same town for reconnect with people you love. Travel? Where is it that you’ve always wanted to go? And if you’re like, you know what my finances don’t allow right now. Take a trip to the library.

go online and look at YouTube. There is a solution. If you’re open to it, that travel within your backyard, we’re where we’re looking to move. I’m like, Oh my gosh, there’s kind of a big part nearby. Awesome, because we’re unstead, which is a really wonderful park here. So travel, again, oh your own your own backyard or travel to Europe, travel to Iceland, whatever makes you happy. Read more. One of the things one, one part of the book club, but also one of the big goals was to unplug. And so one of the ways I’m doing it to not watch TV is reading a lot more, which is great. I love to read. I’m someone who, since I was a child would read before bed. So I’m just continuing to read more and it doesn’t have to be again like a spiritual book that connects with my soul. But I read I love Jodie Cole. I don’t know if that’s how you say her name. I think she is probably the best contemporary American writer in this country. And what fascinates me by her is She can. She writes on such a wide variety of subjects and she gets to the heart and soul of people. And she’s phenomenal. So I just finished one of her books, but it made me think it made me think about questions and and it did it was soulful. Go to the spa. Go to the spa. Get a massage. We have a salt cave here in Raleigh. That’s pretty groovy. Whether it’s a simple manicure and again, if you are, don’t have the finances, have a spot with your girlfriend do each other’s manicures and pedicures and give each other facials and all that you can do it. Volunteer. When we do for others we do for ourselves that lifts up them up, it lifts us up. I get a charge and I get excited. I get happy whatever I do for someone else. A volunteer. If you don’t have time, donate in a cause you believe in Okay, you know what that is? The year have all appeals. We donated a bunch of different cat causes awesome. Like I always say to the cats, yes, I talked to my cats and was been really cold. The past couple nights, I said, Oh, you know, we have to pray for all the cats and dogs that are outside to give them good love and energy and hope that they get rescued. So I’m looking to volunteer but being able wasn’t a ton of money, but I know that I and we are supporting organizations that speak to my soul, helping animals, helping the environment. scream at the top of your lungs and let it out. Now thankfully, I will not be doing that. But I’m telling you, man, scream and move and I’m telling you for five minutes, you might be exhausted, you feel good. You feel really good. Just let all that stuck. stagnant energy that’s getting in the way your soul let it out. Let it out. Stretch, stretch. That’s my other one of my big things for this year stretching daily. Although I’m going to give you tip that a seven year old at the woman I said, I’m stealing this one I’m on a weight machine I stretch in between reps. And she said, Yeah, the older you get, you have to do this. So I’m gonna stretch a little bit is youtubers can see me moving a little bit but stretch. I mean, just letting your body move. What’s your ask your bodies, I want to dance with the house. I want to move. Do that honor movement in your life? clean your house. You know, I’m all about energy. Everything’s energy. So it’s kind of stuck and stagnant. We as we are decluttering and going through the house and I’m excited. I’m looking at a pile of stuff. We’re going to sell pile of stuff we’re going to donate it feels good, clean, get some good cleaning your house helps clean your soul. Again to cluttering letting go of what doesn’t serve you What can you bring in go on a retreat. I can’t wait to do the little retreat again. If it’s only for a couple days, I am really looking forward to it. And with things kind of crazy, it might not be on my actual birthday. But I’m okay with that. I think you know, I’m doing the whole year. And I’m kind of thinking what my big thing is, if I’m going to do acts of kindness, I haven’t quite figured that out. But go on a retreat again, that allows you to silent treat connect with your soul. What I want to do is do a Silent Retreat and bring my paints and start painting again. Something I discovered I’m actually decent doing and just was everything haven’t had the time but um, that’s how I’m looking to connect so look for your creativity. How can you replenish your soul by painting or you know, you’re not going to pottery take a pottery class creativity is messy. It doesn’t have to be this perfect thing that comes out rediscover. You know, I mentioned rediscovering

Oracle cards. And doing affirmations again I’ve rediscovered affirmations because I have an app that makes it easy to use though. I’m like, ah, I’ve forgotten how much great This isn’t how much I enjoy this. What can you rediscover in your life? Take action from today’s podcast. Create a list of ways you’d like to replenish. discover ways to rejuvenate yourself. Be still reawaken, different spiritual, religious practices. Fill your spiritual cup share your rejuvenation and replenishment with others. Next month, we’re focusing on spring cleaning. Go out clear your clutter to create the life you choose. deserve. And the Desire. When you clear your clutter, you can share your gifts with the world. Sign up for our free newsletter at reawaken your brilliance calm. If you’ve enjoyed clear your clutter inside now, please rate review and share us

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