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Space Cleaning: How to Tips

Sage. Get a smudging sage stick. You can find online. I sell them along with our aromatherapy and essential oils. Light the stick and smudge the room. I simply wave the smudge stick to clear the energy. I like to use a seashell to hold under the smudge stick and to catch any ashes.

It doesn’t matter where you start and I haven’t found any different going clockwise or counterclockwise.  Make sure you get everywhere, such as corners, in closets, under beds. If anything feels really stuck spend more time on it.

Use essential oils. You can put drops in a spritzer with purified water and spritz the room. Or take a flower and dip into water / essential oil mixture and flick drops around the room.

Use sound. I have a Tibetan singing bowl and use that (demo) around the room. Remember, everything is energy, and sound is a great way to disrupt patterns. When I find myself starting to eat emotionally I use sound to break it up. You can also go around and clap your hands.

More Space Cleaning Tips

You can use sea salt (or create some with water and salt) and use a flower or some other form of nature to cleanse the room. Dab the flower in the saltwater and go around the room.

I also envision draining all the energy out of the room. I stand in the room and see four golden roses anchoring the top of the room and four anchoring the bottom of the room. I believe the rose is a universal symbol of love. After I have the roses in place, I imagine gold cords connecting all the roses. SO the four top roses all connect and the four bottom roses connect. Then the top and bottom roses connect. I then use my hands to drain the energy in the room. I do several times until I feel the energy is clean. When I am done I fill it with gold light.

When I am doing any of these space clearings, I focus on what I want to release (negative energy, sadness, stuck energy, whatever) from the room. After I have cleared the cluttered energy I also take time to fill up the room. I think of my intention for the space and what I want to bring into it and envision that in the room.

Don’t Forget

Before I move in anywhere and after I leave a place, I do a thorough space clearing. It allows me to set the intention if I am moving in and if I am leaving have closure and leave a clean slate for new people moving in. You may want to consider doing the same.

People ask me how often they should clear their space. I say whenever it doesn’t feel good. We have a cat sitter for Joey who stays here when we go on vacation. She always tells me how much she appreciates it because our house feels so good and loving. It’s because I regularly clean the space, set the intention and we are careful about whom we let in our home.

This is something that can make a huge difference in your space and I encourage you to try it. Energetic clutter can have just as much as an effect on us as any other kind of clutter.

Do some space clearing and clear some clutter to create the life you choose deserve and desire.

What space clearing methods are you most interested in trying? What has worked for you if you’ve done space clearing?

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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