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Sleep Tips: Love the one you are with

Better sleep. Org states that 1 in 4 couples sleep alone. I have trouble falling asleep when my husband isn’t there. He had a few night shifts recently and I did not sleep well. I would sleep in separate beds as a last resort, but here are some other options.

If being hit by elbows and legs is a problem, consider a pillow barrier: get a body pillow and place it between you.

Have a partner that snores? Invest in earplugs or consider a white noise machine.

Have separate comforters or blankets if you have someone who steals during the night.

If you are in anything less than a king, consider a king or a California king, although someone recently told me it was harder to find sheets for them. When we went to the beach we were in a king-size bed and I was like dang, I didn’t realize kings had so much room. When we move and are settled we are investing in a king-size platform bed.


Mental: what is keeping you up at night?

I suffered from insomnia for about a month. I was worried about something. Mental clutter was causing my inability to sleep.

What is keeping you up at night? Job? Relationship? Any changes to routine or diet? Take the time to sit down and see if you can pinpoint what is the cause of your stress. Once you figure out what exactly it is, you can go from there.

If you are worried about something, take steps in the present moment to alleviate your concerns. A regular mindfulness practice can also reduce your mental clutter.

Consider beginning a bedtime routine if you don’t have one.

  • Try to get up and go to bed at the same time, even on days off.
  • Getting out in the sunshine early in the day can help set your 24-hour clock.
  • Regular exercise encourages sleep.
  • Watch your caffeine intake. I know I can’t have caffeine after 3 PM or I am doomed. Most recommend no later than 6 hours before bed.
  • Get out in the sun again in the afternoon to strengthen your 24-cycle.
  • Cut out naps.
  • Have an early, light dinner.
  • Quit the computer and other gadgets a few hours before bed.
  • An hour before bed, dim the lights and do something relaxing. Read, meditate, and listen to quote music.



How does space feel? Welcoming? Peaceful? Or does it feel heavy and uninviting? Consider using sage, aromatherapy, or another way to clear energetic clutter. Listen to episode #79 from 10.27.15 Clearing Energetic Clutter through Space Clearing for more details on how to clear energetic clutter in your room.

Takeaways from the blog series on sleep:

  • Declutter! A cluttered room overwhelms our senses makes it more difficult to relax and can make us more anxious. Having a cluttered bedroom can lead to emotional clutter of guilt and frustration;
  • If you have cleared the clutter, looked at your room, mattresses, and pillow, and don’t have a lot of mental clutter, it may be time to see a health professional.
  • What is keeping you up at night? Job? Relationship? Any changes to routine or diet? Take the time to sit down and see if you can pinpoint what is the cause of your mental clutter.

What mental clutter do you need to clear to get a good night’s sleep? How about any energetic clutter you can remove? What else can you do to make sure you get enough shut-eye?

Go out and clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve, and desire!

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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