Simplify Your Life to Focus On What Matters Most

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Are you overwhelmed every New Year? Have you considered running away from it all just to avoid all the stress that life brings? Do you find the more you have or do takes you away from your true spirit or soul?


Life doesn’t have to be crazy and stressful time for you! Remember, you always have a choice and can choose to simplify in each and every moment. Every step counts and when you make small changes they can really add up.

If I’m honest, my business really challenged me to simplify for a long time. I used to feel obligated to so much all the time. I belonged to a networking group that had a lot of MLM’s and it was draining every week to be asked to buy something I didn’t like or wouldn’t use. As you know, I’m not a fan of clutter and I was surrounded by it.


I see so many people stressed out: my clients, friends, family, and random people I don’t know. If you can simplify, you can reduce your stress and focus on what is most important to you.


We would all be better off if people were happy and joyous instead of overwhelmed and upset, don’t you agree?

Simplify your life to find joy and peace of mind!

Here are a few of my suggestions to simplify your life:

  • Do less. Send an email invitation instead of printing one. Make a meal for two nights instead of one. Where can you do less? Where are you really miserable and overbooked and overloaded? Look here to help you determine doing less.
  • Buy less or buy used or don’t give gifts throughout the year. Don’t wake up each month with credit card hangover, stressed out how you’ll pay the bills.
  • Be green or eco friendly where you can repurpose, repair, reuse, recycle. Saves you time and money and is fun. How can you share your creativity by being green?
  • For decorations look to the outside with flowers, plants, and garlands instead of more plastic stuff made in china. You can compost when you’re done instead of adding to the landfill.
  • Smiles, hugs, encouragement are all free and they could really make a difference to someone at any time. When you do for others, you do for yourself.
  • Rethink traditions. What is meaningful to you? What do you really desire to do? So many trapped in to what they don’t want to do our for them outdated traditions. Create new ones and move forward.
  • Less decorations, food, things to do. Where in your life can you say no?
  • Take time for reflection. Gratitude of course is something that always makes you feel good and helps us clear clutter in all areas of our lies.

Where else can you simplify your life? Relationships? Clothes? Finances? Health? The more you simplify the easier life comes up. 

Take Actions to simplify your life:

  • Decide where you could simplify your life. Look at all areas.
  • If you have a lot of resistance to simplifying can you figure out where that comes from?
  • Create an action plan and small steps you will take to make changes to your life.
  • Choose where you could be eco friendly.
  • Reflect on where else you could simplify your life.


How will you simplify? What stress would you like to release this year? Sign up for our newsletter to receive quarterly tips to declutter your life.


Go out clear some clutter to create the life you choose, deserve & desire!

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