Maybe it’s time for rethinking Black Friday and what it means. Tips to support you in not going crazy through Cyber Monday, Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.

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Transcript Rethinking Black Friday

Julie Coraccio 0:02
Hey everyone, this is a quick little bonus episode today. I thought it was important to do normally on my winter break. But I really felt motivated to give you a little more episodes as much than usual before going out and break. And I always trust that if I’m hearing you need to do this, then I do it. I hope that this helps you, especially if you struggle with Black Friday. please consider supporting small businesses as well on Small Business Saturday. I know that it has been tough for many businesses this year, as well as many people. And you might be thinking, well, we are struggling financially. And I know that there are people out there listening who, even if they’re struggling financially, we’ll buy and get excited about sales. So this is for everyone. Paying attention, my little thought and as we get ready for the onslaught officially of the holiday season, at least for buying. You know, I’m passionate about supporting people clearing clutter, Black Friday is coming up. And I might have missed the boat because I’ve already seen emails that people are having Black Friday sales last week, I’m worried that I’m gonna wake up and Sunday and in July, I’m going to see black friday specials. So it’s black friday coming up. I know a lot of people do shopping on Thanksgiving. That really bums me out. And now that stores are open, I just read one store, I can’t remember its belt that’s around here, one store is going to open at noon, or one or something ridiculous. So people can’t even have an afternoon family dinner and hang out with their friends and enjoy Thanksgiving. So I want to first talk about Black Friday, because I see that a lot of people can get sucked in. And I think the energy around Black Friday is that FOMO fear of missing out right I’m going to miss out on a special I’m going to miss out on getting something I want. It doesn’t even matter if I already have it. Or if I don’t need it. There’s all that energy and fighting and I have to grab its mind and make sure I get it so no one else can take it. So there is that real crazy energy. I haven’t gone shopping on Thanksgiving. I haven’t gone shopping The day after. And so because that personally for me is is crazy when it gets that insane. That’s energy that I don’t want to be around. But I think between people, your friends, what you see an advertisement, it’s created this real fear of missing out. So we kind of go and crazy and buy all this stuff. And if you buy stuff you don’t need or that other people don’t want, it ends up as clutter. So I’m gonna encourage you first, if you’re shopping on Thanksgiving, or if you’re shopping The day after or anytime this week, take a deep breath. Don’t just have that knee jerk reaction of fear of missing out I got a buy, buy, buy, buy buy. I’m going to encourage you to switch your frame to say, what about the joy of missing out, I have the joy of missing crowds. I have the joy of being able to spend time with my family and friends instead of having to rush and leave early to get some great deal. So instead of automatically getting in that mode, we’re going to buy buy, buy, buy, buy, take a breath, take a deep breath and step back. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am wishing you all a day of love and reflection gratitude. Hopefully you enjoy some turkey or tofu curry tofu. Curry tofu Qi not sure exactly how you say that. If you’re a vegetarian, and perhaps you’re going to enjoy a slice of pie. I want your make Martha Stewart recipe. I know I’m I have to admit it’s a great recipe. I’m not a fan. I think she is not realistic for us but she’s got a great triple chocolate pumpkin pie recipe I highly recommend you can google and find that. So I hope that you have a day full of rest and relaxation. And please know I’m wishing you a wonderful day with loved ones. Go out and clear your clutter to create the life you choose. deserve and desire.

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