Here are a few of my favorite green resources. Each thing you do makes a difference and adds up. Even if you aren’t passionate about saving the environment, being eco-friendly can save you time and money. Don’t forget to check out my other resource page that includes some of my favorite charities and inspiration.

I hope to keep adding and updating to the list. If you have a great eco-friendly product you have used, let me know about it!


Stylish & hold up to 44 pounds!

Produce, lawn:

Reusable lunch bags:

Green Business

Carbon Offsets 


Christmas and the Holidays are one of the biggest times for trash. You can make a huge difference if you are green during this time of the year.


You can send holiday cards on line free. It saves time, money, trees. sends an e-card and plants a tree! you can set up reminders on who you need to send e-cards to!

Christmas Trees:


Recycling to find a place





Wrapping Paper

Some eco-friendly options instead of wrapping paper include: using newspaper (foreign & comics are good choices); old maps; reusing paper from last year (simply set an iron on low and smooth); leftover fabric; old calendars, catalogs, magazines; jars and other reusable items such as a cake pan.  Have fun getting creative!

Reusable wrap sacks:




Don’t want to hold onto that thick manual? It s probably here



I always encourage people to know their local recycling laws and then follow them.

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ECO-FRIENDLY TIP: Use a wine box to store your holiday ornaments. Even if you don’t buy a case of wine, many times the stores will give you the boxes. I store my Christmas ornaments in wine boxes. If they can protect bottles of wine, they can protect my ornaments. The dividers make it easy to keep your ornaments organized, too!

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