Relationship Closure: Find Peace to Open Your Heart Again

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Relationship Closure: Is Your Heart Still Closed?

Do you still yearn for an old romantic relationship even though you know it is unhealthy? Are you angry at something your high school coach did years ago even though he is now deceased? Did your former best friend steal your idea for a business and you haven’t been able to let it go?

Today, my blog will be about relationship closure. Many times, you may view closure as something to do at the end of the year. I believe any time you can allow yourself to heal and get closure is a great time to do it! Many of us are carrying around the weight of past relationships. Wouldn’t you like to start the year off by releasing some of that clutter?

Look for part 2 on relationship closure later this month.

Keep the faith you can find relationship closure.

Finding Closure

I was a victim of a violent crime when I lived in LA. At the time I had a therapist and so I processed what happened on a physical and mental level. After healing and processing, I needed to get closure. This was a more intense process for me because of what happened. So when I say it may take time to get closure, I really mean it.


Someone else might not need closure. If you are still angry, crying, frustrated, jealous over a relationship use that as a guidepost to consider getting closure.

Who Do You Need to Release?

What relationship clutter would you like to get closure on? This usually comes pretty quickly for most people. If you are unsure, is there anyone you are holding a grudge against? When you hear a persons name or see them, do you get upset or angry? Is there someone who wronged you that has passed that you feel won’t allow you closure? Ask your friends if there is someone you complain about a lot or wrinkle up your nose when you hear their name. The more conscious you are in any area of your life, the easier it becomes to be more conscious in other parts of your life. I know I have said this before: most of us are on autopilot. You can’t change your life if you aren’t aware.

I had a friend who was angry with someone that had died. She had to figure out a way to get closure. It was a long process for him, but eventually he was able to. Just because someone has passed, doesn’t mean that people can release grudges. Even if someone isn’t here in physical form, you can still get get closure. It might take some more work and maybe some creativity, but it can be done.

Once you have become conscious of a relationship that you seek closure for, you have some options. I’ll talk more about that in Part 2.


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