Today on I’m talking about decluttering and organizing the refrigerator! Do you lose money because your produce goes bad? Did you love your leftovers but forgot about them because your refrigerator was so cluttered? Learn organizing tips and declutter tips for the fridge as I focusing on the kitchen!

Our part two blog will focus on organizing once you’ve decluttered and purged in your fridge.

Refrigerator Decluttering

I think a lot of times when we think about clutter and organization; the refrigerator is not high on our list. I wanted to share some statistics that I found on money that might change your mind:

  • Americans waste approximately 100 billion pounds of food each year.
  • This equates to roughly 14% of food purchased in an average household.
  • This breaks down to approximately $500 of wasted food on an annual basis per household.
  • 15% of this waste comes from food unopened and still within its expiration date.
  • On a daily basis, we throw away about 1.5 pounds of food.


What are your statistics? If you haven’t decluttered and organized your refrigerator recently, now is a great time!

Decluttering Your Fridge

The first thing you will want to do is declutter! It’s amazing how cluttered our refigeratiors can become. When we downsized and moved into our new home, the first thing my mother did was give the fridge a good scrub before we put anything in it! (Shout out to my awesome mom, Jen Jen!)


Pull out everything in your fridge.   Now is the time to give it a good scrub and clean. It shouldn’t take you that long, so don’t worry about anything spoiling.   Don’t forget to clean the coils behind the refrigerator.


After you have cleaned, sort what you have into categories—whatever makes sense to you. Condiments, leftovers, snacks, etc.


Now that you have separated everything, it is time to purge. If you aren’t sure, when in doubt throw it out!   Let me say that again, when in doubt, throw it out. There is nothing worse than getting food poisoning. I got food posiing twice in two months last fall and it definitely wans’t fun.


Here are some guidelines to help you in purging:

  • You have no clue what it is;
  • Leftovers you have no idea how old they are
  • Rotting produce or anything moldy.
  • Past expiration date
  • Condiments that have crust
  • Stuff you are never going to use.

Takeaways from today’s blog:

  • After emptying everything in the refrigerator, take the time to give it a good, head to toe scrub. Don’t forget to clean the coils on the back.
  • When in doubt, throw it out. Purge what is unknown, moldy, crusty or rotting. Don’t put your health at risk!


How will you declutter your fridge? What are your biggest challenges when declutter your fridge?


Go out clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire!

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