Today’s blog talks about how to reduce coupon clutter. Would you like to save money but are overwhelmed by coupons? Do you have that BBB coupon that you might use someday? What are the options for couponing online and using apps?

If you’re going to be shopping, save some money!  Don’t forget to check out the second part of the blog next week where I’ll talk about electronic options for coupons as well as some couponing tips.

Today’s blog was inspired because took a really interesting class on extreme couponing lots of good info hasn’t been implemented because right now too much work for me.


Also because of clients and the ubiquitous Bed Bath & Beyond coupons. (Side note: When I knew we were unexpectedly moving in 2021, I started to stash the coupons.  When we moved in 2019, we needed to buy things like a shower curtain, a hanging drying rack, and a pantry organizer to maximize our space. I had no doubt I’d need to make similar purchases and wanted to maximize my savings!)

I’m going to encourage you to tidy up coupons.  If couponing is something you want to do, I come up with a system for your coupons to keep them organized and clutter-free.

Getting Started

Like any organizing project, set aside time to do this.

Choose if you want to do paper or electronic or a hybrid.

Keep as simple as possible. The more complicated you make it the less likely you will keep it up.

You will want to take the time to separate out all your coupons into categories that make sense to you. 


After you have done this, purge all the expired coupons and coupons that you are never going to use.  Really ask yourself if you are going to use it RIGHT NOW or soon ie. Within the next few weeks.  You know Macy’s is always going to have a coupon or BBB will be coming out with another coupon so let it go if you will not use it immediately.

Really discern when you are going through coupons.

Once you are left with paper coupons, now it’s time to pick a method to organize them.  Here are the main ways people who are awesome at this seem to do it.

Do binders.  Create categories.  Easy to see what have, I wouldn’t have the patience to put in the sleeves.

The entire insert. This is what the coupon ladies I saw did. They have this whole system down. More time is spent in the beginning and you have to devote time each week.   They have a coupon database set up so that you can search for and know what flyer you need.


Coupon box or accordion folder.  Easy to sift through.

Like filing, do how it makes sense to you when naming categories. You could do it alphabetically, esp. if you shop at different stores. If you only shop at one store for groceries, you could do them in the order you shop at the store.

After you have picked your method to organize, where will you keep the coupons?  Decide on one home and always return there.

How will you maintain your system? If you are going to coupon on a regular basis, you will probably want to go through it weekly.

How can you best organize your coupons? How can you make sure they don’t become clutter? What coupons do you use regularly?

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