Today on the Clear Your the Clutter Inside & Out blog, I’m tackling how to quit gossiping.



Do you talk about others unkindly behind their backs? Do you eagerly wait for the next People magazine to read the latest about a celebrity? Are you ready to pass along the latest political scandal? Let’s clear some spiritual clutter and release gossiping as I share another 10-minute tip to declutter your life!

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If you are a guy, keep reading because both sexes gossip. It was reported by a Social Issues Research Center that gossip accounts for 55% of men’s conversation time and 67% of women’s.

In an article from Psychology Today, one psychologist stated, “Men just call it “networking. Men are much more interested in who is up and who is down. Women tend to gossip more about who’s in and who has merit.”

Let’s examine gossip and ways we can release this spiritual clutter.



Oh, but it’s okay to gossip

If you think others might want you to gossip, you are right. Gossip makes magazines sell and viewers visit websites. On my iPad news feed there are gossip articles even though I didn’t add as an item I was interested in. Gossip has now become part of the mainstream media. Celebrity gossip is a $3 billion a year industry according to the New York Times. Here are A few Stats from an article at

$2 million

Amount Los Angeles Deputy Coroner Ed Winter said his department was offered for photos of Michael Jackson’s corpse

 Average number of gossip items Radar Online publishes every day


Amount Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Holland — who accused Lindsay Lohan of assaulting her — received from TMZ for sneaking the media outlet a copy of Lohan’s confidential file


Amount Holland’s lawyers agreed to accept for photos of an eventually nixed reconciliation between Holland and Lohan


Amount per year Holland earned from the Betty Ford Center, before being fired for leaking Lohan’s file.

Take a moment to check in. How do you participate in celebrity gossip? Do you chat with your friends about what you hear? Do you read online gossip sites? How much do you spend—say a subscription to People magazine—to stay current with gossip?



Work Gossip

Gossip can seep into our professional lives as well. An Article on found:

  • 21% regularly and 15% occasionally gossip
  • Each gossip session averages 15 minutes
  • An active gossiper burns 65 hours of productivity per year

Why most gossip might be viewed as harmless, it can be harmful. If two people are looking for a promotion, one could leak gossip for a competitive edge.

Take a moment to reflect on your gossiping habits.

Do you gossip at work? Are you closest to people who gossip at work? How can gossip be not only harming your work performance but also how others view you? Have you ever heard gossip about a colleague only to find out it was untrue later?

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