Today’s declutter your life blog shares a quick decluttering tip on how to declutter your purse and your wallet to give you a big win & flex declutter muscles.

Can you easily find your credit card when you need it? Are you carrying around dried-up pens or stretched-out hair bands? What is your money in your wallet saying to the universe?

June is a great time because these are small things that can add up and build your confidence when it comes to decluttering.


Today’s blog was inspired by an interview I had to do.  I had to share something that could be done in five minutes. We tend to forget the little things even though we use them every day.

We are going to clear out our wallets or purses.  Any book you read about Feng Shui talks about clearing clutter as being the first step.

The First Step

Take everything out of your purse or wallet.  I suggest doing this on a flat surface.  You might want to put out a towel or cloth if you are going to have a lot of bits and pieces for easy clean-up.  Make sure you get everything out of your pockets.  If it is a bit dusty, give it a good shake and quick clean. 

Once you have everything out, step # 2 is to sort it into categories that make sense to you.  You might have categories like make-up, finances, hair, and business. Whatever makes sense to you.    Sort everything that is in your purse into a category.


Now is the time to purge or recycle! 

Is it you that have worn out hairbands, expired credit cards, old receipts, dried-up gum, non- working pens? Lots of us are probably carrying that kind of stuff around.

While you are purging through the purse, is there anything you can simplify? For example, having one or two credit cards instead of many?  Take the time to transfer any notes, business cards, or receipts you may have.

Organize with what you have left. 

In your wallet, make sure your most frequently used cards are where you can reach them easily.   If you are overloaded with rewards cards, check out Key Ring Reward cards or StoreCard to store electronically.

TIP: Make sure all your money is neat and organized and all the bills are facing the same way. If you are respectful of the money you have now, that signals to the universe you are ready and open to having more money.

For your purse, consider using pockets to put things in the same place every time. For example, your keys in the small zippered pocket or your phone in one of the side pockets. That way you will know where they are if you keep putting them back into their home.


You can use pockets, purse organizers, or little containers. I have my change in a change purse, I have a business card holder and I have a small container for pens and something to hold receipts. I have a mini makeup carrier as well.  That way everything is organized and easy to find.  The more you maintain this, the less you will have to declutter and organize it.

Once you have done that, make sure you clean out every six months or more frequently if you tend to clutter it a lot.  Do this while watching commercials or if you are stuck in the doctor’s office.

TIP: Evernote is a great all-around app that has a wonderful search capability and may be able to help you reduce the clutter in your purse or wallet.

How can you declutter your purse? How can you organize your wallet? How did you feel after doing it?

Take Actions from today’s declutter your life blog for a quick decluttering tip:

  • Choose if you are going to clean out your purse or wallet or if you are going to go for it and do both.
  • Toss all the things you aren’t using, aren’t working, or are junk.  Is there any way you can simplify what you are carrying around?
  • Organize what you have left. Utilize those pockets and consistently put things back.
  • Place your money back neatly into your wallet or purse. Keep that abundance flowing!
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