Public Speaking, Presentations & Workshops to Declutter Your Life

Public Speaking, Presentations and
Workshops to Declutter Your Life


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It’s hard to believe that Julie Coraccio used to be deathly afraid of speaking in public. Now, she loves professional guest speaking.  Julie gets excited when participants have that ah-a moment or make that connection about how being disorganized and cluttered has cost them something.

Why Hire Julie For Your Public Speaking Services?

  • Julie Coraccio is different from other professional organizing speakers in that she examines clutter in all areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, holiday, social, and more!
  • She can talk about how clutter can invade your relationships, finances, health, and more.
  • Julie regularly brings in mindfulness practices and steps for greater awareness.


If you’re looking for a fun and engaging speaker who will provide value and steps to move forward for your participants, Julie Coraccio would love to speak at your event. She can think outside the box or fit squarely in one—whatever best suits your audience.

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Julie’s Professional Speaking Background on Decluttering:

Julie has spoken to a wide variety of audiences on organizing and decluttering as well as conducting how to organize your life, home organization, decluttering your life, and simplifying your life classes and workshops. Julie will customize a presentation to fit your needs.

Julie Coraccio interviews regularly on radio and podcasts. Julie also hosts her own weekly podcast, the popular Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out. Julie is a certified life coach, and author and has won two awards.

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To learn what Julie Coraccio could present to your group or event, contact or 919.559.3925 to schedule. Julie is available to consult with you online via Phone, Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom.

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Julie presented the March “Living Green” Lecture at Oglebay Institute (Wheeling, WV) entitled “Spring Into Action: Organizing your home in a green way” to a capacity crowd. Her Eco-Organization presentation appealed to a very broad demographic, and she kept the audience engaged with a number of hands-on and practical demonstrations. Everyone left the lecture with a list of specific actions they could accomplish and the background knowledge to understand why it was of such importance.

Additionally, Julie is very flexible and accommodating. Her professionalism ensured a successful program with ease in scheduling and organizing the logistics of travel, marketing and promotion, and meeting technology needs.

Eriks Janelsins, President of the Oglebay Foundation, Wheeling, WV

Decluttering Presentation Topics Offered (Not Limited To):

– Avoid the Holiday Blues! Enjoy the Holiday Greens!
– Back to School Organizing
– Clearing the Clutter: Making Space for Spirit
– Custom Presentations
– Eco-Organizing 101
– Getting Organized for the Holidays
– Got Office? Get Organized!
– How to Declutter Your Life
– How to Organize Your Life
– Organizing for Business

– Organizing Your Life
– Organizing a Kitchen for a Healthier You
– Organizing for the New Year
– Organizing for SmartMoms
– Overcoming Procrastination — Moderator of Online Workshop
– Rediscover Your Home–presentation with Interior Decorator
– Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Home & Being Green
– The Cost of Being Disorganized
– The 7 ‘R’s of Eco-Organizing, for Professional Organizers
– The Spiritual Cost of Clutter

Your talk was AWESOME! Thank you so much for your time and advice. It was incredibly well received!LexisNexis Women Connected exists to maximize the potential of women through mentoring, education, networking and leadership development. It enables women to build rewarding and sustainable careers, contribute to the success of the organization and make a positive impact on society. Acting as executive sponsor for this group in Raleigh has been incredibly rewarding. I have met so many incredible women – both internally and externally. Thank you so much, Julie Seibert Coraccio for your time and advice yesterday. You truly inspired me (and 100 of my closest friends) to DECLUTTER! Or at least to start the process!

Lacey Ford, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, LexisNexis Raleigh

Where I Have Presented (Not Limited To):

  • Viatris
  • McCormick Corporation
  • FDIC: Ask the Experts Series: Professional Organizer
  • Lexis Nexis Raleigh
  • Living Green Lecture Series at the Henry Stifel Schrader Environmental Education Center
  • EMC
  • Coastal Federal Credit Union
  • Whole Foods
  • The William Warren Group/StorQuest Los Angeles

Brier Creek Women’s Country Club; Earth Fare; Women’s Power Networking; Chix in Business; Holistic Moms; ReuseConex; The Center for Excellence; Junior Women’s Club; Triangle Networking Group; Wild Wonderful Wacky Women of the World; Raleigh Women’s Christian Connection; Wake EAC Wilco Group; SmartMoms; A Place for Women to Gather; Our Lady of Lourdes; Private Women’s Groups; and a Birthday Party!

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I have been interviewed by a variety of blog talk radio and podcasts. Please see my media page or YouTube channel for more interviews.

Raleigh, NC
Triangle Business Journal
Premium content from Triangle Business Journal
Green Awards Winners
Green Entrepreneurial Honorable Mention

In The News

From the Triangle Business Journal’s Green Entrepreneurial Effort Award:

I help save my clients money by suggesting donating/selling/buying used, etc. (not having to buy plastic containers; knowing what they have so they don’t make duplicate purchases, etc.); tax write-off for donations (donating clothes to Interact); selling items (someone else sees “junk” as treasure); where they can buy what they want used (N.C. State Surplus store a good example for used office furniture).

Instead of tracking “number of bags saved from the landfill” because size of bag/item can vary, decided to concentrate on making sure stuff wasn’t going in the landfills; educating people, and reusing/repurposing items to avoid buying plastic or new containers.

How could you afford to embark on green programs in a challenging economy?

  • I couldn’t afford not to do it. I do not believe that personal and professional lives are separate; to not bring green principles into my business would have been a breach of personal ethics. Because I show people how being green can also save time and money, people are more open to my ideas. The reality is, at least in my business, you save time and money in the long run by being green.

How did your employees react to such sustainable efforts

  • N/A. Since being the first in the state of North Carolina to specialize in being green, other organizers have added green as a specialty. Other organizers often email me for advice and resources.
  • My clients have acted favorably. If they were already green, they appreciated taking it to the next level. If they were not green, they were open to suggestions, especially when it would save them money and/or time. Past clients continue to ask me for green advice.
  • I hope to expand my speaking engagements and/or workshops to more corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs (really any groups!) as well as reach more professional organizers, teaching them ways to be green. I also hope to grow my business to increase the number of people who are organizing/de-cluttering in a sustainable way.

From the Triangle Business Journal’s Green Entrepreneurial Effort Award:

  • Location: Raleigh.
  • Business description: Professional organizing services for residential and business.
  • Number of employees in the Triangle: One.
  • Top Triangle executive: Julie Seibert, owner.
  • Describe some of the organization’s chief achievements in the Green Awards category in which you were nominated? Started business July 2009; January 2011, awarded the National Association of Professional Organizer Los Angeles chapter Green Award for Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Service. The highest award in the industry.
  • First professional organizer in the state of North Carolina to specialize in green for home and business.
  • Created Julie’s 6 R’s of Eco-Organization: recycle (know your guidelines & do it); reuse (give your moving boxes to someone else to use); repurpose (use an empty case of wine box to store holiday ornaments); repair (can it be repaired before tossing it and buying a new one?); rethink (Do you really need to purchase something? Can you buy in bulk to reduce packaging?); and reduce (if you don’t buy it, you don’t have to organize it).
  • Comprehensive green resource online directory.
  • 60+ talks on getting organized while being green. All talks feature a demonstration on being creative and using everyday items you most likely already have at home to get organized.

Written in the Raleigh News & Observer for NAPO LA award; Midtown Raleigh News: Stressed; North Raleigh News: Cut Down on Clutter, and Bundle: 10 Money Saving Ways to Go Green.