Keeping it Real: Online Organizing Workshops

Our online organizing workshops and online decluttering workshops are for busy people.

Are you overwhelmed?

Drowning in clutter?

Feeling exhausted with no end in sight?

You know it’s important to declutter and get organized but don’t want to spend hours folding t-shirts, having a color coordinate closet, or maintaining a “perfect” home.

Being bombarded by all of these impossibly perfect homes, closets, playrooms, garages…it’s not real for the majority of us. 

We’re Keeping it Real!

Keeping it Real Online Organizing Workshops and Online Decluttering Workshops

When we see this curated content, it tends to make us feel bad about ourselves because we can’t live up to some unrealistic, idealized image.  We’re going to lift you up, teach you skills for confidence so organizing and decluttering become another tool in your tool box so you can make life easier and focus on what matters most.

We are for busy people living life


For people busy living life

Keeping it Real Professional Declutter’ers and Professional Organizers Rachel Seavey and Julie Coraccio have helped thousands of people and have been in business since 2009. We decided to combine forces and create online organizing classes and online decluttering classes for people looking to declutter, get organized and make life changes.

Rachel is nationally known and specializes in Chronic Disorganization, Hoarding Disorder, and Life Changes. She’s a certified life coach and hosts the popular podcast Hoardganize.

Learn more about Rachel.

Julie is an award-winning organizer who specializes in end of life, sustainable organizing & decluttering in all areas of life.  She’s an author, certified life coach, and hosts the popular podcast Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out.

Learn more about Julie. We’ll also be offering clutter control coaching.

We’ll also be offering clutter control coaching as well as how to get organized coaching together and providing virtual organizing and virtual decluttering for people who need a little more in-depth support and want to double the power and to turbocharge to move forward in life.

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Keeping it Real Online Organizing Workshops

January 20th, 2022! Our first class will be on Paper and Information Management. Register here.

Right now, this is our class schedule for our online organizing workshops and online decluttering workshops for the rest of 2022. We may change, especially if people ask for courses on different subjects. Follow us on EventBrite to get notices about our classes.

February 26th:  Procrastination. How Can I Stop Procrastinating?

March: Downsizing. Tips for Decluttering for Downsizing and How to Organize Your Downsizing for an easy transition.

April:  Sustainable Organizing & Decluttering. Learn about how to be eco-friendly and green when decluttering and getting organized.

May:  Organizing Your Kitchen for a Healthier You! Learn tips and tricks to make your kitchen a place to support your health.
June: Closets. How to Declutter Your Closet and How to Organize Your Closet.  Learn how to find what you need when you need it.

July: Organizing for Death. What do you need to declutter and organize before you die?

August: Back to School. Learn how to make a smooth transition by organizing and decluttering before school starts.

September: Staying Sane During the

Holidays!  The holidays can be a stressful time, but not if you’re organized, decluttered, and mindful. 

October: Getting out of Debt! Learn about getting your finances organized and releasing financial Clutter for greater abundance.

November: Spiritual Clutter: What Does God Say About Clutter? What is spiritual clutter? Learn about clearing spiritual clutter to enhance your life.

December: Clearing Energetic Clutter. What is energetic clutter and how is it affecting you? Learn how to release energetic clutter and create a safe space.