Are you considering becoming a professional organizer? Would you like to have more business but lack the confidence to find and attract clients? Are you currently a professional organizer and would like to take your business to the next level?

I love coaching and working with other professional organizers as a solopreneur coach. One of my biggest frustrations was seeing other professional organizers come from a place of scarcity and not work together. My philosophy is that we all have our specialties and talents and there are enough clients for everyone. Instead of focusing on the competition or trying to be something you aren’t, I encourage professional organizers to work with their gifts and focus on attracting the right clients for their business.

I have helped other professional organizers with social media and marketing strategy, increasing confidence, creating a podcast, blogging, press releases, finding their niche, and thinking outside the box when it comes to their professional organizing business. I am a solopreneur coach focused on solopreneur coaching as I don’t have a team of people working under me.

The first step is a free 15-minute consultation. Don’t be embarrassed! Call 919.559.3925 to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation. I am available to consult with you via Phone, Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Prior to your first session, I will send you a detailed assessment to fill out. This enables us to hit the ground running for your first session. I also assign homework and provide limited email support. At the end of the completion of our work together, I provide you with a plan moving forward to keep up the momentum and tackle the challenges we have discovered.

I take a holistic approach when it comes to professional organizer coaching and solopreneur coaching. Something in your personal life might be affecting your business. Whatever is going on inside will be reflected on the outside. For example, if you lack confidence it might be showing up as not being able to seal the deal with a potential client.

I will not work with professional organizers where there might be a conflict of interest (i.e. I would not coach two professional organizers from Seattle that had a very similar focus in their professional organizing business.) I focus on solopreneur coaching as I’m a solopreneur and expand my business with books, products, etc. instead of creating a team of people to work under me. 

I also consider myself to be a spiritual entrepreneur coach, so people who work with me bring a variety of values that are important to them that they’d like reflected in their business.

Julie has been an inspiring coach to work with. I consider her a friend and confidant. She is open-minded, wise, and compassionate and channels that energy into supporting her clients.  She made me feel comfortable and was never judgmental.

She taught me practical skills along with ways to think differently.  Julie was very detailed oriented with assignments and if I had a question in between sessions she always answered.

I started off coaching with Julie to help create my podcast.  Within a few episodes, people were contacting me about my services.   My coaching with Julie has now evolved to my business at large.

Julie goes above and beyond the “traditional” coach role. If she sees something that I should know about or that will benefit me, she sends it. If she can refer me, she will.  I feel like I am her only client and she is always thinking about me and my business.

I trust Julie and respect her opinion and her willingness to view things differently and offer me a fresh perspective.  I am amazed by her commitment to me and I have no doubt this extends to her other clients.

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer, Hoarding & Extreme Clutter

professional organizer coaching 

COACHING TIP: Find your niche. There are lots of professional organizers. How are you different? Look to where your passions are to guide you to your specialty. Don’t hop on the latest fad if it isn’t who you are as you will appear inauthentic.


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