Has your child ever forgotten their homework or lost a permission slip? Did your son not get to play in a basketball game because he forgot his sneakers on game day? Has your teacher mentioned that your child could benefit from being more organized? Is your child’s room full of clutter despite multiple times cleaning it? Do your students struggle to part with stuff even if they no longer use it?

I believe that one of the best things a parent can teach their children is how to be organized as well as how to easily let go of clutter. I work with many people who weren’t taught these skills as children and it has negatively impacted not only their personal and professional lives but also their relationships with people and stuff. By instilling these skills early on, you give your child the ability to succeed and have skills they will use the rest of their lives.

Working with children requires patience and being able to explain things in a way they understand as well as not working for an extended period of time. I can support you child by working with them to:

  • be better organized for school, including setting up routines and filing systems;
  • clearing the clutter and organizing their rooms;
  • understand how being organized helps them succeed;
  • knowing that when they give items away it will be to someone who needs, loves and appreciates it; and
  • having a maintenance plan to continue to have success.

Each child is different and I will come up with a plan that helps your child. I will also make suggestions to you, the parent, on ways that you can best support your child or children.

Don’t be embarrassed! If your child needs support getting organized or clearing clutter call 919.559.3925 to set up a free 20-minute phone consultation.   I am available to consult with you via Phone, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts on Air.

Supporting Students Success Through Organizing

ORGANIZING TIP FOR KIDS: Create a filing system that kids can use for corrected homework, tests and notes. Color code so it is easy for them to quickly find what they need. If you set up a good system, they can use it throughout their academic career.


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