Working with seniors and people with disabilities takes patience and kindness while still getting the work done. It has been my experience when working with my senior and disabled clients, that they need more time and more support when clearing clutter and downsizing.

Downsizing, whether you are a senior or not, can be a tremendously emotional process. It is important to have someone who is non judgmental, supportive and kind. One of the biggest complaints I have heard during my professional organizing career is that people felt judged. Sometimes children or family aren’t close by and they need to be able to trust someone to be kind and patient with their loved one. I am compassionate, caring and understand this can be very difficult. I listen to what you say and will always suggest my best solution, but ultimately it is your decision.

One of the mistakes people often make is overwhelming seniors or those with disabilities. They usually need more time and I suggest not rushing. I usually work in four-hour blocks when working with professional organizing clients. However, with seniors and those with disabilities, I try and work in two-hour blocks so they are less overwhelmed. It has been my experience to be as pro active as I can and not overwhelm with decisions. For example, with permission, I will declutter cleaners and pantries and make decisions that most people are comfortable with. With things that are more complicated, I help make decisions easier. For example if we are working on a closet, I may say to a client, “How about we pick two dresses for church, two for everyday and two for social events.” That way I have narrowed down the decision-making and made it easier instead of having to go through every item.

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Organizing & Decluttering for Seniors & People with Disabilities

TIPS FOR SENIORS: Be patient and follow their lead. What seems old and useless to you may be a source of comfort and joy and worth moving or keeping. Don’t go by what is newest or the “best”; go by what they use and love.

TIPS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: Make things easier by adjusting to their disability.  For example, create an area for sorting that they can comfortably do from a wheelchair or set up higher on furniture if it is easier for them to stand.

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